March 23, 2017

Sorry I'm Late

First off allow me to apologize to Robert from $30 a Week Habit because he was gracious enough to send me some cards for a contest under the notion that I would write a 100 word post about the cards I received. 

I had put collecting and blogging on the backburner as my wandering mind drifted off to other pursuits only to be snapped back when I received 5 cards from Robert in my mailbox.  I fully intended to participate in the contest with a 100 word post but a mix of procrastination, work, and traveling did me in as far as collecting cards was concerned let alone blogging. 

This morning I looked at the perpetual stack of cards I seem to always have on my cluttered desk and on top were those 5 cards.  I noticed that the drawing for the contest was posted on Monday and I had missed out on writing my entry.  I am very glad that I didn't win the drawing because I was too slack to write 100 words. 

Either way, better late than never, so here is my super late entry to the $30 a Week Habit's 100 word contest: