February 04, 2017

The February Post: Gotta Get Chipper

Not much has been going on for me lately on the card collecting front as I have been pursuing some of my other hobbies more heavily in the past couple of weeks.  Yes I do consider myself a multipotentialite, so I find myself jumping between interests from time to time.  I decided it was best to embrace the scattered interests of my life instead of fighting the urge and trying to focus on one thing.  From card collecting to games to gardening to learning programming to my day job, my interests span wide and when I focus too much on one of them, I get bored.  So I found it's best for me to divvy up my time between all of them.  I won't become an expert and any of these things, but I at least I know I will be happy with that.

Ok, ok....I know you didn't come here to read the ramblings of a madman.  You want to see cards!

I actually received these cards during the final week of January from a trade over on Beckett.  I have become accustomed to trading on that site because I like the interface and their organize feature for cards.  I am sure there are cheaper options out there but right now I am comfortable trading on Beckett.

1998 UD3 #148 Chipper Jones

First up is this 1998 UD3 #148 Chipper Jones.  I don't know much about this set but I do know that it was full of subsets within the main set and this PowerCorps card is one of the subsets.  It is also embossed with little ridges around the picture.

2004 Playoff Honors Class Reunion #20 Chipper and Mussina

Next up is this 2004 Playoff Honors Class Reunion #20 card featuring Chipper and Mike Mussina as members of the 1990 draft class.  We all know that Chipper is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame but Mussina has been one of those borderline cases.  I think he will become a member eventually, maybe even in 2018 when most expect Chipper to be a first-ballot election.

2005 Bazooka Gold Chunks #95 Chipper

Then we have this card (#95) from 2005 Bazooka Gold Chunks.  How can you not like a set that has the word "chunks" in it?  I like how the colors of this card give it a retro look despite being in full color.  Very good job of cropping the photo for this one.

2008 Bowman Gold Chipper Jones

Ah yes, the dreaded Bowman Gold parallels.  I remember when pulling a gold card meant something but now everything has a gold parallel.  I think it's a little overplayed by now.

And finally we come to this 2013 Pinnacle Essence of the Game #4 card.  What can I say?  I am sucker for ink on clear stock.  I love this card even though it is unlicensed.

Thanks for checking out these cards and I apologize for my stream-of-consciousness writing in the opening post.  See ya around!

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