January 10, 2017

January Mail Day Part One: Triple Kelly

I completed another trade on the Beckett site and this one was big.  I received over 30 cards from another user in exchange for about 20 cards of my own.  This has the making of a multiple post mail day so we'll start with football cards since they composed only a smaller part of the trade.

2002 Topps Chrome Warren Sapp
This was the lone Warren Sapp card in the trade.  The condition isn't in the best shape, but good thing that I am not the biggest stickler for condition.  This card is a great representation of how Sapp played the game, full of enthusiasm.

1991 Pro Set Jim Kelly - Buffalo Rolls On
Next up we have this Buffalo Bills card with Jim Kelly front and center against my beloved Dolphins.  Anytime the Dolphins are on field with snow on the ground, I never had high hopes for a victory, let alone against the powerhouse early 90's Bills. 

You may wonder why I have two them.  Well let's look at the backs:

1991 Pro Set Jim Kelly - Buffalo Rolls On - card backs
Can you spot the difference?  One card has the Players Association logo while the other doesn't.  I am not sure this was on purpose but quality control was sometime lax in junk wax era.

1993 Bowman Jim Kelly
Next up is another Kelly, this one is from 1993 Bowman.  What is up with the expression on Kelly's face?  It's like he is thinking, "Sigh, I guess I have the football again.  Ho hum."

1995 Score Offense Inc Jim Kelly
This card is from the Offense Inc. insert set from 1995 Score Football.  It features a picture of Kelly on a picture of Kelly.  He's everywhere!

1994 Triple Folder Jim Kelly Face
This is the final Jim Kelly "card" in the trade.  This is actually a triple folders card from 1994 Pacific Triple Folders.  This is how the "card" looks with the side panels folded together.

Here is what you find when you open it up:

1994 Triple Folders Jim Kelly inside
Three panels of glorious Jim!  To tell the truth, this is the first time I have ever seen these triple folder cards and I think they are pretty damn awesome. 

I keep my PC's in binders.  How do I fit this one in there?

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