January 14, 2017

January Mail Day Part 2: The Big Three

Now for some more cards from my January pick-ups.

This post is focused on the trio of pitchers that made the Braves so good for a decade.

It's jarring to see Smoltz as a young buck and clean-shaven instead of the facial hair he would sport for the rest of his career.

Three more cards of Smoltzie here with two more rookie cards on the right.  The facial hair made it's appearance those cards.

This final grouping of Smoltz cards is of a more modern affair.  I really like the Ginter insert on the right but the Goudey and the Bowman gold are sweet as well.

Next up...Mad Dog:

This 80's Maddux card discusses Maddux's rise to ranks of elite pitchers in baseball at the young age of 22.

Now we move into the 90's with Maddux featured in his Braves jersey on these cards.

After the turn of the century, we see Maddux as a member of the three teams he played for in his career although I am sure many wouldn't associate Mad Dog with the Padres over the Cubs or Braves.

These last three Maddux cards come from Upper Deck.  I think 2008 Documentary was a little too ambitious and poorly executed by Upper Deck

And now for Glavine...

This is it.  Just one Glavine card mixed in with all those cards of his former pitching mates.  I am okay with that since I actually have more Glavine cards than I do Smoltz and Maddux cards, so this trade helped even them out a bit.

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