January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!

I am sure many of us agree that 2016 was a year that will live in infamy but I would rather not beat upon the past and instead look forward to a brand new year.  Let's forget 2016 like we should forget Mariah Carey's performance last night.

So here are my top 5 card/blog related resolutions this year:

1. Get some more relics, auto's, or 1/1's for players I collect

Since I purged the majority of my collection in those years of non-collecting, my wantlist is very extensive.  But the area I am severely lacking in is "hits" for all those players I collect.  So my goal for this year is to get at least one "hit" for each person in my want lists.  I would also like to look into some graded vintage cards if my budget allows.

2. Hold some contests

I really enjoyed holding contests for readers back in the heyday of this blog.  Not only does it boost readership, it is a great way to connect with other collectors.  Plus everyone loves winning something.

3. Post more video breaks

I like to do video stuff on YouTube.  I am not all that good at it but I find it is actually easier and sometimes quicker for me to produce content through video rather than posting.

4. Start a Frankenset

I realize the key to have a "Frankenset" is to have a theme, but I think I may start one with just cards I like.  Every once in a while, you come across a card that stands out because of the picture or the content.  I will start right now with this card:

This is a great example of a card that stands out to me.  This pack was full of cookie-cutter pictures of football players in action but then out popped a giant, evil-looking prop ready to gobble up the blurry Niners.

These aren't earth-shattering goals but keeping them simple should make it easier for me to stick to them.

I wish that everyone has great start to 2017.  This is a great moment for fresh mindsets, ideas, and renewed energy.

Have a great year!


  1. Good luck with your goals and happy new year! That Panorama card is downright terrifying.

  2. That is an awesome card to start a frankenset with!