December 10, 2016

Retail Blaster Fun: 2016 Donruss Mega Box

So for the past few years, I have been really good about passing the card aisle in Wal-Mart.  A few times I managed to pause and walk through the aisle, giving a casual glance over to the ever shrinking sports section and the growing Magic: The Gathering area, but never jumping in on the impulse buy because I was no longer a collector. 

Of course that all changed now that I decided to get back into the hobby.  I went to pick up some lunch on Thursday and I knew it was time to visit the card aisle.  I grabbed a wrap from the deli and went to the place where I spent a lot of time and money in years past.  What to choose?  Well since it is football season I went with this:

2016 Donruss Mega Box
I think the retro logo and the addition of 2 hobby packs of Gridiron Kings is what enticed me to buy this box over the box of Topps football I was contemplating.  Well let's get onto the contents, and as before, I will score this baby:

Let's start out with the negative scorers:

2016 Donruss Stephon Gilmore & Corey Graham
These two base cards feature players from the division rival Bills (my team is the Dolphins in case anyone forgot).  Corey Graham was born and attended high school in Buffalo.  I always find it cool when a NFL player plays in his hometown.
{-2 points} Tally = -2

2015 Donruss Jimmy Graham & Ray Lewis
To bring the balance of the box back to zero is two former Miami Hurricanes.  Ray Lewis will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2018.
{+2 points} Tally = 0

These rookies earn four points towards the box score minus one because Shaq Lawson was unfortunate enough to be drafted by the Bills.  Böhringer is the first ever European player to go in the NFL draft when the Vikings selected him in the 6th round.  That last sentence was first sentence I have ever typed with an umlaut.
{+4 points}Tally = 4

2015 Donruss Rated Rookies Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott Jeff Driskel
Here are the three Rated Rookies from the box.  It is pretty sweet to pull the Dallas super rookies of Dak and Zeke in my first box.  Driskel was actually drafted by the Red Sox back in 2013 so if he decides to quit football, we might see him in a Bowman baseball set as well.
{+4 points}Tally = 8

2015 Donruss Inserts
Here are some of the inserts from the blaster.  From top left going clockwise are Antonio Brown and Julio Jones League Leaders, Peyton Manning from his own dedicated insert set, Bo Jackson 1987 insert, Jay Cutler Gridiron Kings, Brett Favre Legends of the Fall, and Paul Posluszny Production Line insert. 
{+6 points}Tally = 10

Well this is a first.  I never pulled Al Pacino from a box of sports cards before.  One of his famous lines describes by return to the hobby.
{+1 point}Tally = 11

This is a Season Stat Line parallel of Danny Amendola serial numbered to 278, which is how many punt return yards he amassed in 2015.  However, he plays for the Patriots so that removes a little luster from this pull.
{+1 point} Tally = 12

Now we move on to the two hobby packs of 2015 Gridiron Kings.

First scoring card from the two packs is this base card of Gronk.  Although he is a Patriot, I admire his elite size and speed from the tight end position.  Definitely one of the greatest when healthy.
{-1 point} Tally = 11

These are two cards from subsets of the 2015 Gridiron Kings base set.  Sometimes you have to be careful when handling these as the corners of other cards can get caught under the frames on these cards.
{+2 points} Tally = 13

Two more subset cards here but these are the Red Frame parallels which earns them an extra point apiece.  These two cards side by side give the illusion that the Tarkenton card is a lot wider than the Beasley. 
{+4 points} Tally = 17

This is an expressionists insert of the Raiders' Amari Cooper.  I love the photo of Cooper on this card.  No other expression needed if you are wearing a Raiders jersey.
{+1 point} Tally = 18

Finally managed to pull a Dolphins card from this box and it wasn't a plain base card.  This a Blue Frame parallel of Suh and worth 2 points.

Final Box Tally

20 Points

Thanks for following along my first box break in years.  Now onto getting these organized, which was one of the things I missed the most about the hobby. 

Until next time...

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