December 14, 2016

Rando Pack: 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights

I found a box buried in my closet that was loaded with some unorganized rando cards.  But among them was a nice little surprise.  Four unopened packs of baseball cards.  You know what that means:

2007 Topps Update
So apparently my scanner likes to trim off the top of the cards when they are lined up against the leading edge of the scanner.  The rookie card of Kyle Kendrick was probably the biggest name of this six card scan.  How about a little a trivia?

Can you match the following tidbits with the cards above:

   (A) This guy was once a Lugnut
   (B) This guy was the National Freshman of the Year in college
   (C) This guy was once a part of a trade for Greg Maddux
   (D) This guy won the Little League World Series in 1994
   (E) This guy was a placekicker in college
   (F)  This guy married a Survivor

Now this is a little better.  A lot more star power in the second half of the pack.  I wish Vlad still played as he was one of my favorite non-Braves players to watch.  More trivia?

   (G) This guy would share a moment with the inside of his hat before the game
   (H) This guy was a Gatorade National Player of the Year in football
   (I)  This guy played on the same team in 2016 as a guy he was once traded away for
   (J)  This guy hit his first career homer off of Mark Wohlers
   (K) This guy loves Patrick Roy
   (L)  This guy is married to a sports announcer

I'll update this with answers after my next post

Until then...

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