December 16, 2016

Mail Day: Smiling Smoltzie

In an effort to once again grow my now dwindled collection of Braves, I decided I need to get back into the trade game.  I updated my collections on Beckett and sent a few trade offers.  Happily, I was able to close the deal on some of these trades and those involved in my bartering were quick to send their sides of the trades.

One user sent me a nice smattering of John Smoltz cardboard to kick off that collection.  I always had more Glavine cards than I did of Smoltz and Maddux so I this trade hit the mark on making progress in my binder.  I received close to 20 Smoltz cards and I present to you my fave 5 of the deal:

2011 Topps Lineage Diamond Anniversary Smoltz #94
I love this 2015 Inspired Play insert featuring Kimbrel and Smoltz.  Kimbrel was our most dominant closer since Smoltz and holds the record for most saves by a Brave.  I was sad to see him traded away but it was a necessary move for the front office to make in order to start rebuilding the franchise.

1990 Donruss #8 John Smoltz
The lovely red-border of 1990 Donruss always caught my attention.  I love the mish-mosh of colors behind Smoltz lending themselves to the fireballs and nasty sliders of Smoltz's repertoire.

I like the sheer, shiny, sparkles on the parallels in 2011 Lineage. 

1991 Score John Smoltz
This may look like any other action shot of Smoltz delivering what was sure to be a strikeout pitch, but something is off about this photo.  What's up with his hat?  Is there something stashed in there?  Maybe it was secret to his slider.

1993 Stadium Club John Smoltz
I love this shot of John hanging out in an empty stadium at twilight, ready to throw a fastball to a team that won't arrive until the next day.  Was this shoot impromptu?  I like to imagine it went down something like this:

Bobby Cox:  Smoltz! Where are you at?
Smoltz: Over here, Skip.
Cox:  Smoltzie, the photographer needs you outside for a shoot.  They apparently left you off the list for action shots so they need something for the Stadium Club set.
Smoltz:  Hell no, the Pistons game is about to start
Cox:  Dammit, get out there or I'll spot start Bedrosian in your place next week!"
Smoltz heads out to the field
Smoltz: Make this quick so I don't miss tipoff
Photographer:  We need to get quite a few shots so it may take a little while
Smoltz:  No.  You get two shots and that's it.
Photographer:  Sir.  Photography doesn't work that way.  We need to set up the correct lighting and composition and...
Smoltz:  You got 30 seconds
Photographer:  John, please.  I promise we will be done in time for you to catch the start of the second quarter...
Smoltz:  Nope, I'm outta here
Photographer:  Okay, okay.  Just one then.
Smoltz:  I'm ready.
Photographer:  You have to smile, John.
Smoltz:  Not in the mood.
Photographer:  Maddux said he is a better golfer than you
Smoltz:  Really?
Photographer:  Looks like we got it.  Enjoy the game, John

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