December 18, 2016

Mail Day: Serious Niekro

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, perhaps enjoying some football or family time.

I don't usually enjoy posting on Sunday as I believe it should be a day of rest and relaxation but sitting at my desktop I figured what the heck.

These three cards arrived in the same package as the Smoltz cards from my previous post but these instead feature ol' "Knucksie", Phil Niekro.

2014 Panini Golden Age Phil Niekro
First up is this Niekro from 2014 Panini Golden Age.  Although this is just a generic Knucksie, I like the blue highlights of the card matching the blue accents on Niekro's unaffiliated uniform.  Niekro is also wearing his competitive face for this photo.

1983 Topps Murphy and Niekro
I love this card.  Knucksie and a young Murph from 1983 Topps.  The card colors, the old school uniforms, and the grainy photos just ooze 80's charm.  Murph is cracking a somewhat smile while Niekro is once again all business.

1983 Topps Phil Niekro
I am only showing the bottom left corner of this 1983 card because it features another non-smiling Niekro.  In fact, it looks like it was taken at the same time as the previous Team Leaders card.

1983 Topps Phil Niekro
There we go!  We managed to get a smile form Niekro after all.  It is so great that it's mid-windup as well.  It's like he is thinking, "You know what's coming. Good luck!" 

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