June 10, 2013

Plugging Myself

Yeah I know the title of this post could have many, many meanings.

No I'm not getting hair plugs or putting plugs in my ears.  Nor am I doing anything that your wandering mind may have been thinking when you first saw the title of this post.

In fact, I am plugging my own contest and box break over at the new web address.

First, the June Contest can be found here and I'm giving away some free unopened packs to the winner.

Second, I am hosting my first ever group break here.

Third is a plea to all the cardboard bloggers to update their blogroll to include my new web address (cardhobbyist.com). 

I know it seems like I'm begging but................okay, I may be begging a little bit.

But I'm not just plugging myself, I am plugging most of you as well.

I'm sorry, that just sounds wrong.


  1. Nothing wrong with plugging yourself every now and then. Just not too much or you'll go blind. Well at least that's what my mom told me.

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