March 31, 2012

Pack Rippin': 2006 Topps

In this round of Pack Rippin' I decided to break open a cello pack of 2006 Topps.  This pack holds 22 cards...

What a disappointing pack.

I got 22 base cards.   No inserts, parallels, or rookies to bring a sparkle to my eye.  But there will still be a vote for a card to make it into the Community Choice Collection so I hand-picked the 4 cards from the pack with players who I believe put together a pretty good 2006 seasons.  First candidate is...

March 30, 2012

Community Collection Winner #4

And the 4th card to be added to the Community Choice Collection is...

..Miguel Tejada Black Border!

Another great photo on this card.  While Miguel is the central focus of the card, it is the other elements that make this such a cool photo.  The scoreboard in the background, the late afternoon sun, the pitcher delivering the pitch in the blurred foreground, and the nice complement given by the black border make this a really nice piece of cardboard (minus the dust specks of course).

March 24, 2012

PC Card Spotlight: Aaron, McCovey, Mays, Cepeda - 1964 Topps


The total firepower pictured on this little piece of cardboard is staggering:

2,315 Home Runs
7,120 RBI
54 All-Star Game Appearances
18 Gold Glove Awards
5 MVP Awards
3 Rookie of Year Awards
4 Hall of Famers

March 22, 2012

Community Choice Collection Winner #3

Wow! This was the closest vote yet as the winner was decided by a single vote.  A lot of cards received votes but two cards were neck and neck down the stretch.  Here are the two cards that got the most votes:

March 21, 2012

Need Some Votes

I still need a few more votes to add card #3 to the Community Choice Collection.  Click here to revisit the post and vote again even if you already voted before or you can just click the poll in the sidebar---->

March 14, 2012

Pack Rippin' - 2005 Fleer Ultra

Nothing flashy about this pack but another chance to add a card to the Community Choice Collection.

March 11, 2012

Back to Bloggin' with a New Endeavor

Finally. I got all my personal collections organized into binders and it's time for me to start collecting again and doing my favorite pastime, ripping packs (and hopefully making you read about them).

But first, I made the decision to scrap the WAR set that I was working on as it got to be more of a drag than I originally planned. So I'm going to start with this other idea that I wanted to create a random card collection that involves feedback from this great blogging community. My inspiration for this endeavor came from blogger Hiflew and his Colorado Rockies' Rock Stars series