October 24, 2012

One Blaster of 2012 Topps Update

I figured it was about time I contributed another post to my blog.  So how about a little post of this 2012 Topps Update blaster I picked up this afternoon.

Wow, look at all the gold.  I don't think I have ever received this many serial numbered parallels in a blaster box before.  I also got two packs worth of the Walmart blue border cards but no need to show them here.

Here are the inserts and minis from the box.  I don't really care for most of these inserts although I do dig the 1987 minis.

This is the manufactured patch card I got.  Hanley looks really happy in his photo.  That's probably what happens when your able to get away from Ozzie Guillen for a while.  Just kidding, I love Ozzie.

And since the Fall Classic starts in about an hour and a half, lets do a little box break prediction:
Not a bad turnout for the Giants with 5 cards.  Now let's see how the Tigers fared...

Uh-Oh.  Just a lonely Verlander.

It looks like this box predicts that the Giant's win the title in 5 games.  I will be pulling for the Tigers myself.

A now for my favorite card of the box:


Chipper's career didn't end like I may have wanted it to but getting this card really has brightened up my day.  Thanks for the great years Chipper!

Hopefully my next post won't be a month in the making.


  1. Should I buy....should I not buy....I'm starting to get the pack bustin' itch.

    1. Ha! I wasn't planning on picking up any cards but unfortunately I had to walk past the card aisle on the way to the register. I swear I heard a little voice in my head say, "You know you have to look. Just a peek. It won't hurt."