August 25, 2012

What's in the Cards for the NFC East in 2012?

New York Giants

 5 Base Cards
1 Insert
In the Cards Prediction Score = 7 points

Eli Manning seeks to lead the defending Super Bowl Champions on another run to an NFL title.  With receivers like Hakeem Nicks and the dancing Victor Cruz, look for Manning to put up big numbers again in 2012

Philadelphia Eagles

 5 Base Cards
1 Parallel (Curry glossy)
1 Insert
In the Cards Prediction Score = 9 points

Philadelphia underachieved last season and they look to rebound for a Super Bowl run in 2012.  LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are key pieces to the Eagles offense.

Dallas Cowboys

 2 Base Cards
1 Parallel (Claiborne Scorecard)
Romo Manu-patch
In the Cards Prediction Score = 9 points

Tony Romo very quietly had a great statistical season last year but the Cowboys struggled to win games.  Claiborne hopes to boost the Cowboys secondary in his rookie season.

Washington Redskins

 3 Base Cards
In the Cards Prediction Score = 3 points

Moss, Garcon, and Helu hoped to help RGIII transition successfully from the college ranks to the NFL.

In the Cards NFC East Final Standings Prediction
1st(t)- Cowboys
1st(t)- Eagles
3rd- Giants
4th- Redskins

My Personal Predictions

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