August 27, 2012

The Hardships of a Fickle Team Collector

Once again I am changing the way I collect cards.  After reading this post on All the Way to the Backstop and this post by Capewood, I realized that I had the same problem they face as team collectors.

Being a huge Atlanta Braves fan, I ultimately wanted to get my hands on any card that featured a player in a Braves jersey.  As a kid, whenever I ripped opened a pack and saw the Braves jersey on a card, I was stoked but nowadays, when I flip through my binders, I only get that feeling when I see certain cards while all the other cards leave me with a feeling of apathy.

Seeing a card of Kenny Lofton or Mike Hampton in my collection does not warm my heart like seeing a card of Chipper Jones or Tom Glavine.

Don't get me wrong, I truly root for every player while they play for the Braves, but there are certain players who were only part of the Braves for a blink of an eye,

or never made it to the big league club,

or didn't perform well as a Brave, 

or they just didn't seem like a "true" Brave to me.

Having cards of those players just makes it seem like I am trying to hoard Braves cards just because of the logo on their hat instead of collecting them because I really enjoy it.

I guess what I am saying is that I am making the switch from being a "true" team collector to being player collector with a team bias.  I'm still gonna collect Atlanta Braves cards, but I'm going to be a lot more picky of what players I will collect.

Here is a preliminary list of players that I will focus on collecting (pictured in their Braves jerseys of course):

Eddie Mathews
Hank Aaron 
Warren Spahn 
Phil Niekro
Dale Murphy 
Glenn Hubbard
Bob Horner
Mark Lemke
Ron Gant
David Justice
Tom Glavine
John Smoltz
Terry Pendleton
Greg Maddux
Fred McGriff
Ryan Klesko
Chipper Jones
Javy Lopez
Andruw Jones
Rafael Furcal
Marcus Giles
Tim Hudson
Brian McCann
Martin Prado
Jason Heyward
Bobby Cox

The following players are on the bubble as to whether or not I will try to build extensive collections of their cards.  Only time will tell.

On the bubble
Mike Minor
Kris Medlen
Andrelton Simmons
Brandon Beachy
Tommy Hanson
Dan Uggla
Freddie Freeman
Johnny Venters
Craig Kimbrel

I will be doing something similar with my Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes collection as well in the near future.

On a separate fickle collecting note, I am also scrapping the Community Choice Collection as the idea did not really seem to pan out as I would have liked but thanks to everyone who voted while it lasted.


  1. When it comes to parsing a collection, you're a stronger man than I. :)

  2. McGriff needs to get some HOF love as well.