August 01, 2012

The Card Hobbyist July in Review

Just a quick review of the blog, collecting, and sports for the month of July.

Post Count: 7
That 2 more posts than last month but still not on the level I would like.  Next month should see a few more posts as summer begins to wind down and football season begins to get underway plus I have the Gint-A-Cuffs posts to boost my count as well.

Total Page Views: 573
Just about the same amount of page views that I got last month.  Thanks to all the readers

July's Most Popular Post
Erickson Caps Off a Decade of Excellence
I'm not really sure what attracted so many readers to this post.  Probably because it was my last post before a lull of 18 days of not posting.  Or perhaps I should add the words "Decade of Excellence" to more posts.

Google Images that Brought the Most Traffic

Other Blogs that sent the Most Visitors to My Blog
Night Owl Cards

The Braves
After a mediocre June, the Braves rebounded in July by posting a 18-8 record including sweeps against the Marlins and Phillies (twice) and they are currently on a seven game winning streak.  Their record sits at 59-44  and they trail the Nationals by 2.5 games in the NL East.  The Braves also completed a trade with the Cubs to bring Paul Malholm and Reed Johnson to Atlanta.  ESPN projects the Braves has having a 78% chance of making the playoffs.

The Hurricanes and The Dolphins
Training camps and practices are underway as the teams prepare for the upcoming seasons.

July COMC stats
Total Cards Sold: 31
Total Sales: $14.13


  1. Are you starting you Gint A Cuffs posts soon?

    1. I actually already started them. I posted 2 packs Sunday and 2 packs yesterday