August 04, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs: Round 3

Pack #5

#68 Rickie Weeks
#138 Josh Willingham
#236 Scott Rolen
#297 Justin Morneau

Cards that made a difference

#139 Tim Hudson mini (+1, mini from my favorite team) Sweet, my first Braves Ginter card of 2012

#WIN8 Cliff Lee (+2, What's in a Name insert)

#AGR-CM Casey McGehee (+10, Relic) First hit of the box!  I like the black border frames of this year's product compared to the blue frames from last year's Ginter. 

Pack 5 total - 13 points (the relic card was my saving grace in this pack)
Running Total - 33 points

Pack #6

#80 Brooks Robinson
#131 Jim Palmer
#271 Mark Reynolds
#280 Brandon Belt

Cards that made a difference

#201 Tommy Hanson (+1, Fav team) Two Braves in consecutive packs makes me a happy man

#324 Cal Ripken Jr. (+2, short print) This is a sweet looking Ripken card and the fourth Oriole in this pack

#275 Kerry Wood mini (+3, Black Border Mini)

#HTP6 The Treaty of Versailles (+3, Historical Turning Points insert) Being a history buff and a Ginter fan equates me collecting this set but I have to say that Topps could have done a better job with this card in particular.

Pack 6 total - 9 points (Decent pack right there)
Running total - 42 points

I'm a quarter of the way through this box and I'm on pace for 168 total points which I don't think is going to bring me anywhere near the top of the leaderboard.

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