August 12, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs IV: Round 8 - The Grand Finale

So on the same day that the 2012 London Olympics holds it's closing ceremonies, I am holding the closing ceremony of my Gint-A-Cuffs IV box.  Let's see if the final 6 packs and boxloader can get me to the 200 point mark.

Total after 18 packs: 141 points
Points needed to reach 200 = 59

Pack #19

#191 Jason Bay
#198 Phil Pfister (physically photos phony phenom phantoms....phew)
#207 Cory Luebke
#243 Aramis Ramirez
#273 Gaby Sanchez
#298 Dee Gordon
#1 Albert Pujols mini
#WIN15 Michael Francisco Pineda (+2 points, WIN) (-1 point, Yankee)

Pack 19 Total: 1 point (Not a good start to the finale)
Running Total: 142 points

Pack #20

#1 Albert Pujols
#10 Dustin Pedroia
#270 Anthony Rizzo
#270 Anthony Rizzo mini

 #71 Curtis Granderson (-1 point, ugh)
#WIN73 Ryan Wallace Zimmerman (+2 points, WIN)

and for my final hit....

#AGA-Brett Anderson (+10 points, auto) Not the best hit but at least I was able to pull an autograph instead of another relic card.  It seems that auto's are easier to come by in this year's Ginter as opposed to the 2011 release.

Pack 20 Total: 11 points (another weak pack considering it held the last hit of the box)
Running Total: 153 points

Pack #21

#84 Andre Ethier
#151 Jose Valverde
#155 Edinson Volquez
#256 Brandon Morrow
#192 Brett Pill mini

#232 Kate Upton (+1 point for sexiness)
#316 Adrian Gonzalez (+2 points, SP)
#BH-8 Derek Jeter (+3 points, Sketch insert) (-1 point because of his team's payroll)

Pack 21 Total: 5 points (This box is beginning to fail me)
Running Total: 158 points

Pack #22

#40 Jimmy Rollins
#166 Ervin Santana
#167 J.J. Putz
#190 Addison Reed (RC)
#282 Carlos Quentin
#285 Ryan Zimmerman

#225 Roger Maris (-1 point, Seriously?!)
#WIN58 Rickey Nelson Henley Henderson (+2 points, WIN)

Pack 22 Total: 1 point (I'm getting queasy)
Running Total: 159 points

Pack #23

#104 Ian Desmond
#111 Wandy Rodriguez
#276 James Shields
#289 Brandon Phillips
#26 Hunter Pence mini

#51 Don Denkinger (+1 point, The Ump)
#333 Kelly Johnson (+2 points, SP)
Scrap of Paper (+3 points, Willow Cove Mystery)

Pack 23 Total: 6 points
Running Total: 165 points

Pack #24 (Last Call)

#8 Mitch Moreland
#85 Curly Neal
#148 Carlos Gonzalez
#227 Michael Young
#252 Tsuyoshi Wada (RC)

#184 Ara Parseghian (-1 point, Domer)
#WIN1 Joseph Paul DiMaggio (+2 points, WIN) (-1 point, you know why)
#ML-11 Leonidas (+3 points, Military Leaders) Thanks Leonidas for saving Sparta in addition to saving this pack from being a shutout.

Pack 24 Total: 3 points
Running Total: 168 points

Damn, this box had a collapse worse than the 2011 Braves' playoff chances.  This N43 Boxloader needs to be an autograph for me to get close to the 200 point mark......

Well, this Joe Mauer N43 netted me 15 points thanks to it being the Ginter Godfather's favorite player but not enough to reach 200 points.  Geez, those last 6 packs were a letdown to say the least.  Let's hope the closing ceremonies in London pack a bigger bang than this box.

Final Gint-A-Cuffs IV Score

183 Points

So ends my 2012 Gint-A-Cuffs quest for glory.  Thanks to the Mark for running the contest again as well as all the other Ginter loonies out there.  Let's do it again next year! 

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