August 07, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs IV: Round 5

Reaching the halfway point in the box.

Total points so far: 63
Average points/pack: 7

Pack #10

#31 Jackie Robinson
#152 Ryan Vogelsong
#194 J.J. Hardy
#281 Matt Cain

Cards that made a difference

#60 Reggie Jackson (-1 point, Evil Empire) So much for my non-Yankee pack streak.  Why couldn't Reggie be pictured in his A's uniform? 
#116 Brandon Beachy (+1 point, Brave) The Braves sure miss this guy in the rotation
#WIN5 Troy Trevor Tulowitzki (+2 points, What's in a Name)
#GD-1 Humpback Whale (+3 points, Giants of the Deep)

Pack 10 Total: 5 points 
Running Total: 68

Pack #11

#96 Gavin Floyd
#150 Norichika Aoki (RC)
#251 B.J. Upton
#230 Evan Longoria

Cards that made a difference

 #WIN33 Atanasio Perez Rigal (+2 points, What's in a Name)
#334 Adrian Beltre mini (+3, short print mini)

#AGR-MMO Mitch Moreland jersey (+10 points, relic) My second hit of the box, but it's not a Brave:(

Pack 11 Total: 15 points 
Running Total: 83 points

Pack #12

#27 Ricky Nolasco
#29 Hanley Ramirez
#37 James McDonald
#114 Johan Santana
#187 John Axford
#248 Jed Lowrie

Cards that made a difference

#WIN54 Juan D'Vaughn Pierre (+2 points, What's in a Name)
#92 Craig Kimbrel mini (+3 points, Braves mini & Colbey's favorite player) Thanks for looking out Colbey

Pack 12 Total: 5 points (While it was nice to get a Kimbrel mini, this pack was a dud overall)
Running Total: 88 points

After half of the box, I'm on pace for 176 points with one hit left and the boxloader to go.


  1. I chose Kimbrel as my favorite player so you should get an additional +2 points for that card!

    ...wait a minute, why am I trying to help my competition?

    1. .....because I'm a fellow Braves fan!

      Thanks Colbey, I updated the post