August 13, 2012

Community Choice Collection: Ginter Winners

These are the winners, chosen by you to be added to the Community Choice Collection.  Thanks to everyone that voted!

It's no surprise that Phelps garnered enough votes to make it into the CCC.  The man just recently cemented himself as the greatest male swimmer of all time and he became the most decorated Olympian in history.  Winning 22 total medals with 18 golds is just ridiculous.

Mike Trout is putting up a rookie season for the ages.  Trout is a shoo-in for the AL Rookie of the Year award and he could possibly walk away with the MVP award as well.  As of writing this post, Trout has batted .340 with 21 homeruns, 65 rbi, and 36 stolen bases.

It's pretty self explanatory why these four cards won their votes.  Ripken, Mays, Robinson, and Berra are hallowed names when it comes to baseball and these legends look absolutely great on their Ginter cards.

If I had chose Pujols as my favorite player, I may have held the lead in Gint-A-Cuffs IV as he appeared time and time again throughout my box.  Despite his struggles at the beginning of the season, Pujols has turned it on and is well on his way to yet another great season

All the men out there need no explanation on how Kate Upton received the most votes of any card. 

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