July 29, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs IV: Let's Get it Started - Round 1

Let's see how this box fares in the no-holds-barred battle for Ginter supremacy!

Pack #1

Cards that earned me no points at all:

#89 Edwin Jackson
#129 Michal Phelps (surprising that one of the greatest Olympic athletes ever is worth zero points)
#135 Michael Morse
#162 Jeff Francoeur
#258 Doug Fister
Mini #132 Daniel Hudson

Cards that made a difference

#19 Bob Knight (-1 point for lack of emotional control) Thanks a lot, Bob

#WIN7 Chase Utley (insert +2) Thanks a lot, Chase

Pack 1 total: 1 point
Running total: 1 point

Look out everyone, I'm off to a blazing start!

Pack #2

Cards worth nada:

#133 Carlos Beltran
#239 Liam Hendriks
#241 Andrew Bailey

Cards that made a difference

#269 Mike Schmidt (+2, Dan's fave player)

#249 Phil Hughes (-1, Yankee) And the first Yankee shows up to ruin a pack

#342 Ryan Dempster (+2, short print) Apparently he only wants to play for the Dodgers

#MBF-10 The Poodle (+3, Man's Best Friend mini) Awww, how cute, a dog that will powder your house in white hairs.  Just kidding, I love dags.

Ginter Code Card (+3) I liked last year's code cards much more, but like last year, I'm not even going to attempt to figure this thing out.

Pack 2 total: 9 points (thats more like it)
Running total: 10 points

Not a very strong start but here's looking forward to Round 2.


  1. If you don't want that Poodle card I'd love to trade for it - it's one of the two doggie cards I still need!

    1. Sorry but I'm gonna collect that set as well, but if I come across a double, I'll definitely let you know.