June 03, 2012

Community Choice Collection Winners from 1997 Select

First off I'd like to thank everyone who voted these cards into "our" collection.  Being a team collector, these cards are not cards I would usually keep in a binder but thanks to the voting, I am able to add some cool cards of non-Braves to a budding collection.

Here are the newest additions chosen by you:

Tools of the Trade Insert #19 Mark McGwire/Frank Thomas
It's easy to see why this card emerged victorious with the star power of McGwire and Thomas boosting the vote.

Tools of the Trade Insert #18 Ryne Sandberg/Chuck Knoblauch
While Sandberg didn't have a running mate with the clout of a Frank Thomas on the back of his card, Sandberg's status as a fan-favorite was enough to garner the votes to make it into the collection.

1997 Select #141 Alex Rodriguez Select Stars short print
 While A-Rod is one of the most disliked players in Major League Baseball, this card is a sharp photo of him when he was still the "likable" young, phenom shortstop for the Mariners.

1997 Select #29 Hideo Nome short print
Never doubt the voting power of Dodger fans.  I love the Nomo stare down in the photo in the bottom right corner.

1997 Select #47 Ken Griffey Jr. short print
Closing out the winners from the box is none other than Ken Griffey Jr. who beat out Derek Jeter in their bracket of the vote.

Thanks again everyone for the votes.  Some things can't be done without friends.

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