May 16, 2012

Retro Box Break: 1997 Pinnacle Select Baseball - Part 1

In this edition of Retro Box Break, I am breaking into one hobby box of 1997 Pinnacle Select baseball cards.  This box features 24 packs of cards with 6 cards per pack.

Here are the odds listed on the box for inserts and parallels:
Tools of the Trade 1:9 packs
Registered Gold 1:11 packs
Rookie Revolution 1:56 packs
Artist Proof 1:71 packs
Mirror Blue Tools of the Trade 1:240 packs

Hopefully I can get some nice Braves cards to add to my collection and if I'm really, really lucky, perhaps an Andruw Jones auto.

As is the norm for my Retro Box Break series, lets kick this puppy off with some music from 15 years ago:

Nothing better than chicks who can rock.

First off a photo of the box:

I'm going to split this break up into multiple posts so I figured I'd go four packs at a time.  In the first four packs I got two Braves cards:

You may notice that the Andruw card has blue lettering while the Glavine card has red lettering.  In this product, the cards with blue letters are short-printed and fall one per pack.  I am somewhat confused with the Andruw Jones card though.  You see the word "Rookie" printed on his card yet this card is not considered a "rookie card" by Beckett and you will see many instances like this one throughout the break.

Anyone out there know why some of the rookie cards in this set are not considered rookie cards by Beckett?

Sorry for interrupting the flow of with my confusion.  Let's see everything else I pulled from the first four packs and remember that everything I scanned is eligible for the Community Choice Collection:

#11 Gary Sheffield (Blue)

#16 Kevin Brown
#50 Rickey Henderson

#57 Raul Mondesi
#58 Andy Pettitte

#64 Edgar Martinez

#73 Trey Beamon
#80 Ron Gant
#81 Ellis Burks
#85 Charles Nagy
#87 Mariano Rivera

#91 Alex Fernandez
#96 Derek Bell
#102 Scott Rolen (Rookie?)

#106 Nomar Garciaparra (Rookie?)

#107 Danny Patterson
#117 Jason Dickson
#121 Bobby Henley
#131 Kevin Orie
#134 Jose Guillen
#138 Bob Abreu (Rookie?) 

#141 Alex Rodriguez (Blue)

Stay tuned for the rest of this box (and more music) in future posts!


  1. Andruw Jones rookie card is in 1995 Bowman. This was before MLBs current "rookie" rules and players could have recognized rookie cards before they actually played in the majors. The current rule is the reason that Bowman Prospects is considered an insert set and not rookie cards.

    1. Thanks Scott for clarifying that for me. I'm glad the way rookie cards are done today is a lot less confusing.

  2. I need that Nomar fake rookie card. Is it for trade?

    1. No problem, if it doesn't win the vote, it's all yours.