May 11, 2012

PC Card Spotlight: Lee Maye - 1965 Topps

It may not be the most mint condition card in my collection but here's a Maye card for a May day.  Arthur Lee Maye played with the Braves from 1959-1965.  Maye dominated minor league pitching during his early career but that success never really translated into the big leagues mainly due to injuries.

Maye enjoyed his best season with the Braves in 1964 when he hit .304, drove in 74 runs, and led the league in doubles with 44.  The Braves repaid Maye for his successful 1964 season by promptly trading him to the Astros in May 1965.  Arthur Lee Maye passed away in 2002 at the age of 67.

Besides baseball, Maye had another talent.  He was a successful singer as well.

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