May 03, 2012

Pack Rippin': 2 packs of 2008 Topps

Why is that these repack boxes always contain so many 2008 packs?  Was there a small bubble in the baseball card market that year that forced manufacturers to produce extra packs?  Either way I decided to rip into two 2008 packs, one pack of 2008 Topps Series 1 and one pack of 2008 Topps Update.

Before I get to the nominees for the Community Choice Collection, I did manage to pull a Braves card from the pack of 2008 Update:

This is a pretty cool shot of catcher Brian McCann and was the best photo of any of the cards I pulled in this rip.  This one will head to my Braves collection.

Now for the nominees for the Community Choice Collection.

Nominee #1
 An insert featuring a centaur, or A-Rod if you prefer.

Nominee #2
I always felt that these presidential insert cards felt out of place in a pack of baseball cards.  These are better suited for multi-sport products in my opinion.

Nominee #3
How about a rookie card of Mr. Votto....

Nominee #4
...or a rookie card of Mr. Gonzalez...

Nominee #5
...or perhaps Junior showing off his sweet swing?

My Shoddy Photoshop Skills

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