May 01, 2012

Free for Me!

Ok, finally time for another post.  I have been extremely unmotivated to do any blogging recently so I figured it was about time to put my laziness aside, at least long enough to write this post.

Kevin, aka The Diamond King, was kind enough to offer up a free lot of Braves cards to the first reader to post a claim to it.  And being the sucker for free cards that I am, I jumped at the opportunity and Kevin did not disappoint.

I have nearly 1,000 Braves cards in my collection so it was quite the surprise when I opened the package of 31 cards (he only promised 25 cards by the way) and saw that every card that Kevin sent me was a card that I did not previously own.  Well done Diamond King, well done.

Enough of my gushing, here are the cards he sent me:

The Hammer, Mad Dog, and Smoltzie

Knucksie, Spahn, and Murph

Andruw, The Big Cat, and the Crime Dog

And for the meatiest portion of the package...


More Chippah!

Thanks Kevin for the sweet loot.

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