April 14, 2012

Pack Rippin': 2008 Upper Deck Series 2

Curing the itch.

One pack at a time.

It's always great to pull a Braves card from a pack, especially when it is a card that I do not already own.

Now onto the nominees for the Community Choice Collection:

Nominee #1

Jose Bautista shown as a lesser known Pirate third baseman before he became the homer-mashing beast that we all see today.

Nominee #2

Garrett Atkins card with a pretty cool photo.

Nominee #3

Ichiro Starquest Common card.  I'm sure Ichiro completed his quest for stardom quite a while before this set was released

Nominee #4

Presidential Predictors insert featuring Hillary and McCain.  Has it been 4 years already?  Geez, time flies when you are getting older.

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