April 20, 2012

Come Sail Away with a Ginter Mail Day

Got a package from COMC yesterday with a bunch of Ginter I needed.

Make sure you press play on the video before moving on to the rest of the post.  This is gonna be a long one.

(Sing along if you like)

I'm sailing away

set an open course
for the virgin sea

cause I've got to be free

free to face the life that's ahead of me

on board I'm the captain

so climb aboard

we'll search for tomorrow

on every shore

and I'll try
o lord I'll try

to caaaaaaaaaarrrrrrry on


i look to the sea
reflections in the waves
spark my memories

some happy, some sad

i think of childhood friends

and the dreams we had

we live happily forever
so the story goes

but somehow we missed out

on that pot of gold

but we'll try
the best that we can

to caaaaaaaaaarrrrrrry on

(rock out)

a gathering of angels

appeared above my head

they sang to me this song of hope

and this is what they said, they said

come sail away

come sail away

come sail away with me, oh ya

come sail away

come sail away

come sail away with me

(you know the rest) 

Another 2011 Allen & Ginter's insert set completed, this time it is the Floating Fortresses set.  I kind of want to stick each of these cards into their own little glass bottle.  

I also picked up some "Gintery" Braves.

Can't wait for 2012 Ginter to hit the shelves.

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