March 22, 2012

Community Choice Collection Winner #3

Wow! This was the closest vote yet as the winner was decided by a single vote.  A lot of cards received votes but two cards were neck and neck down the stretch.  Here are the two cards that got the most votes:

But just like the Highlander, there can be only one....

And the winner is.....



obligatory dot, dot, dot,

Pablo Sandoval!
(Sorry about all the dots)

Kung Fu Panda Fans Rejoice

After adding Ray Durham previously, we once again add a flying Giant to the CCC.  Yes I am now using an abbreviation for the Community Choice Collection instead of typing it out (even though I just did). 

No disrespect to the "Big Hurt", but once again great photography prevails amongst the collectors.  I just wonder if his landing registered on any seismographs in the Bay Area.

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