March 13, 2012

Community Choice Collection: Vote #1 Winner

And the winner of Vote #1 is....

...The Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT83 - Dennis Eckersley.  Congrats Eck!

I figured this card would be the favorite to win as everybody loves the look of vintage cards even if they are a reprint.  The Rockies team card and ARod finished tied for the runner-up position.

Eckersley is almost unrecognizable without his signature 'stache.  And I also noticed there is an unusual amount of greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols on this card. 

Left side of hat < Right side of hat
70's Mop Top > Wad of chew in cheek

Thanks to everyone that voted and stay tuned for more pack rippin' to vote on more cards to be added to the Community Choice Collection

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