March 11, 2012

Back to Bloggin' with a New Endeavor

Finally. I got all my personal collections organized into binders and it's time for me to start collecting again and doing my favorite pastime, ripping packs (and hopefully making you read about them).

But first, I made the decision to scrap the WAR set that I was working on as it got to be more of a drag than I originally planned. So I'm going to start with this other idea that I wanted to create a random card collection that involves feedback from this great blogging community. My inspiration for this endeavor came from blogger Hiflew and his Colorado Rockies' Rock Stars series

Basically here's how it works:
  • I will keep one card from every pack I rip
  • The card will be chosen by you, the blogger/reader community
  • No relics, autos, or low serial numbers will be chosen because those are better off trading to someone who needs that card
  • No Braves, Dolphins, Hurricanes, or Ginter inserts as I already have collections for those cards
  • In the event of a tie, I will personally select the winner (not to sound like a dictator or anything)

This is something I feel will help me connect more to my followers as well as give me a nice little sampling of every pack I rip.  However, I have the feeling this collection may end up a little "blue" with all of you Dodger fans out there.
    So without further ado, lets kick off the "Community Choice Collection".  Sounds wholesome, doesn't it?

    I bought another repack box full of random baseball card packs which comes with 20 packs for 20 bucks.  $1 dollar a pack is quite a deal for a pack ripper like me. 

    1 pack - 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball

    The Candidates

    Base Cards
    Top Row:  Todd Helton, Rockies Team Card, Aaron Cook
    Middle Row: Francisco Liriano, Marc Rzepczynski, Ryan Perry
    Bottom Row:  ARod, Manny Parra, Alexi Cassilla

    Stephen Drew Attax Code Card
    Dennis Eckersley Cards your Mom Threw Out (regular back)
    Gary Carter Giveaway Code Card
    So, which card will make it into the 
    Community Choice Collection?
    The choice is yours.

    The poll below will stay open until it reaches a minimum number of votes.  Plus, you can place a vote every six hours (if the coding works).  So vote often if you want your favorite card to win.  The winner will be revealed after the votes are tallied.