January 01, 2012

New Year, New Look and Cardboard Resolutions

Happy 2012 everyone!  I decided to change the look of my blog by cleaning up the design so the blog didn't look so cluttered.  I also added a new banner for the header.

I noticed a lot of other bloggers have set goals for themselves for the 2012 year and I am a fan of goals so here are my 2012 Cardboard Resolutions:

1.  Even out my team collections - What I mean by this is I want to have about the same amount of cards for each of my team collections (Canes, Dolphins, Braves) by the end of the year.  My Canes and Dolphins collections are severely behind my Braves collection in volume so I will be focusing more on picking up cards for those two collections this year.

2.  Average more posts per month - I averaged 14 posts per month in 2011, which is on the low end for most of us card bloggers.  I want to improve on that.  Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging but I will put forth the effort to be more productive on the blog.

3.  Host a box break(s) - I tried a box break early in 2011 but this was before I had a small following of readers and the break did not have a good turnout.  I love ripping wax but as many of you know it is a gamble since I am not a set builder and it is costly trying to pull cards as a team collector.  Participating in box breaks is more cost effective.  I am hoping to get a multi-box football break going here in the near future. 

4.  Find a way to share my collection digitally - I want to be able to find a unique way to show off my personal collections online.  My collections are nothing to write home about but I do want to share what I do have to the world. 

Bonus:  Lose some weight - Oh yes, the dreaded weight loss resolution.  But I really need to shed some more pounds so this is my main non-collecting resolution for the year.

Wish me luck as I wish well on all of your endeavors in 2012!

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