January 07, 2012

Gifts from a Hokie

Recently I completed a trade with Adam aka "Spankee" from My Cardboard Mistress.  It was a friendly swap of cards from fans of rival ACC universities.  I sent Spankee a smattering of Hokie football cards including the nice dual patch I pulled from Panini Threads in exchange for some nice Hurricane football cards.

Here's what Adam sent my way:

Allen Bailey was a beast at Miami after being a highly sought after prospect coming out of high school.  He is one of those physical freaks that combines size, strength, and agility.  Bailey hails from the small community of Hog Hammock, located on the small island of Sapelo off the coast of Georgia.  Here is an interesting read on Bailey and his unique upbringing (and diet) on Sapelo Island.

This is a sweet Leonard Hankerson auto that Spankee sent me.  It is the alternate version of the normal helmet autos and is numbered 175/299.  Hankerson is a prime example of hard work paying off.  During his first two seasons at Miami he struggled with dropped passes which resulted in sub-par numbers and playing time.  However, before his junior season, Hankerson started working hard in the offseason with former Dolphins superstar Mark Duper.  Duper helped mold Hankerson into one of the top receivers in Hurricanes history.

As a bonus to the trade, Spankee sent me an extra stack of Hurricanes cards.  Here's a small preview of them:

A couple more Hankersons and a Jim Kelly card that I absolutely love.  You don't get to see a lot of cards of Kelly in is college uniform and this card has a great photo.  Plus there are some undertones on this card that many of you may not know about. 

If you look closely at the Kelly card, you may notice that the Canes are playing Penn State and you can see Paterno in the background as well.  Kelly was born and raised in Pennsylvania and grew up a Penn State fan.  He really wanted to play for Paterno at Penn State but Paterno only wanted Kelly to come in and play linebacker instead of quarterback.  Kelly made the decision to go to Miami instead to play quarterback and played an integral part in building the Miami football program to national relevance.  Kelly showed Paterno that he made a mistake passing on him by going 2-1 against Penn State while at the University of Miami.

Thanks for the awesome cards Adam...despite your fascination for the Virginia Tech Hokies, you seem like a nice guy!

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