March 30, 2011

A.P.A.D 3/30/2011

Yet another edition of A.P.A.D.

Three packs busted for this edition.

1- 2010 Heritage retail pack
2- 2009 Goudey retail packs

March 28, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/28/2011

Here are the weekend rips:

One retail pack of 2010 Topps Heritage.......

Notable Base

#288 Carlos Zambrano
#420 Justin Morneau

Ryan Braun Sp

#137 Bobby Cox

.....then 2 hobby packs of 2006 Ovation....

Notable Base
#19 Albert Pujols
#25 Carl Crawford
#67 Ken Griffey Jr.

....and finally one pack of 2009 Goodwin Champions

Notable Base
#126 Troy Tulowitzki
#137 Prince Fielder
#206 Ken Shamrock SP


Adam Wainwright Mini

March 27, 2011

This Week in the Mail

Picked up some cards through trade this week:

2002 Donruss Classics
Ed Reed RC  /1000

Quick Fact:  Ed Reed is part of the NFL 2000's All Decade Team

1998 Topps Gallery Proofs
Ryan Klesko /125
Quick Fact:  Ryan Klesko homered in every road game of the 1995 World Series

2005 Upper Deck Legends
Channing Crowder RC /725
Quick Fact:  Crowder recorded 90 tackles during his rookie season in 2005

2001 Stadium Club Pro Bowl Jerseys
Trace Armstrong

 Quick Fact:  Armstrong made the 2000 Pro Bowl squad without starting a single game during the season.

Quick Fact:  Williams rushed for over 200 yards in 12 different games while in college.

March 25, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/22/2011

Quite a few packs busted for this post:

First was 2 hobby packs of 2006 Ovation....

Notable Base
#11 Roy Halladay
#66 Jason Varitek
#82 Hideki Matsui

The Inserts: was half of a 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Value Pack......

Base Cards
Bowman Chrome Draft #BDP47 Bryan Anderson
Bowman Chrome Draft #BDP51 Ruben Tejada

Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects #BDPP21 Rangel Ravelo
Bowman Draft Prospects Gold #BDPP74 Aaron Sanchez

.....and finally one retail pack of 2010 Topps Heritage

Notable Base
#152 Prince Fielder
#156 Drew Stubbs RC
#337 Mark Buehrle\Jake Peavy
#411 Andy Pettitte\Jorge Posada\Derek Jeter\Mariano Rivera
#414 Alcides Escobar
#486 Derek Jeter (Short Print)

March 20, 2011

This Week in the Mail

Got 2 Dolphins autos in the mail this week:

2006 Playoff National Treasures
Patrick Cobbs Auto

Quick Fact:  Patrick Cobbs is the all-time leading rusher in North Texas history (4,050 yds)

2009 Topps Career Best
Anthony Fasano Auto

Quick Fact:  While attending Verona High School in New Jersey, Fasano was a star in football, baseball, basketball, and track.

March 13, 2011

This Week in the Mail

Two cards received this week.   The first one goes to my Hurricanes PC:

2002 Press Pass
Najeh Davenport Auto
Quick Fact Davenport rushed for 178 yards in his very first career start in the NFL.

The second card I received is for my Dolphins PC:

2008 SP Authentic
Davone Bess Auto

Quick Fact:  Bess caught 54 passes his rookie season, second most in NFL history for an undrafted rookie.

March 10, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/10/2011

Today's pack was one retail pack of 2010 Bowman Platinum:

2010 Bowman Platinum #17 Josh Hamilton
2010 Bowman Platinum #74 Clayton Kershaw

2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects #PP26 Jose Iglesias
(Quick Bio:  21 year old Cuban shortstop whom defected from the Cuban junior national team and signed with the Red Sox in 2009.  Currently rated the 42nd best prospect in Major League Baseball)

March 09, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/09/2011

Today's pack was once again a retail pack of 2010 Topps Heritage.

2010 Topps Heritage #133 Joe Girardi MG
2010 Topps Heritage #160 Andy Pettitte

2010 Topps Heritage #133
Jimmy Rollins MVP Short Print


2010 Topps Heritage #164 Yunel Escobar

March 08, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/08/2011

I'm going to change up the format on my "A Pack A Day" posts.   Scanning the cards takes too much time for me right now so I will just put up what was worthwhile in each pack in text format to save me from having to scan so much.  Fear not though, as I will still scan the cards if I get a nice "hit" in any of the packs.

Today I opened one retail pack of 2010 Topps Heritage along with one retail pack of 2007 Upper Deck Series Two.  There were no inserts or hits in these packs but here are the decent commons:

2010 Topps Heritage #25 Reds Heavy Artillery (Francisco, Bruce, Votto)
2010 Topps Heritage #41 2009 NL Batting Leaders (H. Ramirez, Sandoval, Pujols, Helton)
2010 Topps Heritage #280 Tobi Stoner RC
2010 Topps Heritage #408 Baseball Times "Christy" Mathewson

2007 Upper Deck #627 Adam Dunn
2007 Upper Deck #883 Chase Utley TC

March 07, 2011

2006 Ovation Hobby Box Crack

Cracked open one hobby box of 2006 Upper Deck Ovation baseball.  Although I was looking to get a jumbo box of the current Topps product, the prices are still inflated due to no other 2011 products being available right now so I went ahead and got a great deal on three boxes of Ovation on ebay for much cheaper than I would have paid for one jumbo box of Topps baseball.  Anyways, onto what I got out of the crack:

Here are the inserts/parallels from the box........

....and now for the hits...........

.....I really like the look of this brand and I love the Griffey auto plus I was able to net me some.........


2006 Upper Deck Ovation #13 Andruw Jones
2006 Upper Deck Ovation #14 Chipper Jones
2006 Upper Deck Ovation #15 John Smoltz

Superstar Theatre
Andruw Jones

March 06, 2011

This Week in the Mail

Two cards arrived in the mail this week for my Braves PC:

2010 Topps 206 Piedmont Gregor Blanco Auto

2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Brandon Hicks Auto

March 05, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/05/2011

Three days of pack busting in this post:

First, we have two retail packs of 2010 Topps Heritage........

....and then one retail pack of 2010 Bowman Heritage........

.....nothing earth-shattering in these past few packs but I am getting my fix.

March 02, 2011

A.P.A.D (A Pack A Day) 3/02/2011

I've been busy the past few days so I have not been able to scan and post but I am still cracking away at those packs.  Here is an update of the packs so far:

First I opened half of a retail value pack of 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects...... I cracked one 2010 Bowman Platinum retail pack and one 2009 Topps Heritage retail pack......

 ........and finally one pack of 2010 Topps Update