December 09, 2011

Mail Day: Check Out My Phins

I got a couple packages in the mail earlier this week full of Miami Dolphins cards.  The first package came courtesy of Check Out My Cards:

I ordered some Jason Taylor cards to enhance my Dolphins PC.  Mostly base cards but I did pick up a relic card super cheap:

I couldn't pass this up for the price I paid for it.

But that was just the first part of the package.  I also grabbed some Mark Duper cards that my PC was sorely lacking:

Once again mostly base cards with his 1984 rookie card added in.  But the highlight of this purchase was this autographed card:

I didn't buy this card for it's grainy image, I just think it's awesome that he signed "Super Duper" instead of just "Mark Duper".  Of course, Mark's actual middle name is "Super".  He legally changed it from "Kirby" to "Super" in 1985, years before Chad became Ocho Cinco and long before Ron Artest became Metta World Peace.

On a side note, I just started selling on COMC so if you want to check out MY cards, you can see em here.

The second package in the mail came courtesy of Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  Wes had some unexpected bills and was selling lots to try to raise some money.  I was happy to oblige and bought 3 lots from him and he didn't disappoint as he sent me some great lots with cards for all of my PC's.  Since this is a Dolphins post, I'll show off some of the Dolphins he sent me:

Thanks a bunch Wes!!  I hope everything is okay and you get back to blogging soon.

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