December 26, 2011

The King of Contests

I recently won a contest that was being held by Kevin over at The Diamond King.  This was the first time I have ever won anything from a blog contest because the atmospheric noise at seems to have a vendetta against me.  However, my luck turned around this time and Kevin sent me a very nice heap of cards with quite a bit of vintage cards mixed in.  Here are my favorites from the winnings:

1969 Topps Deckle Edge #8 Denny McLain
I didn't know too much about Denny McLain before I got this card but I read some articles about him this morning.  McLain had a meteoric rise to stardom as part of the Tigers rotation in the late 60's and subsequently fell from grace just as quickly early 70's due to shady dealings off the field as well as conspicuous behavior towards teammates and the media .   He retired from baseball in 1973 at the still young age of 29.  McLain was the last major league pitcher to win 30 games in a season when he went 31-6 in 1968.   This card captures McLain at the height of his career.

1975 Topps Mini #196 Jensen/Banks
One of my favorite inserts of 2011 were the Lineage 1975 minis and now received an actual 1975 mini.  In the year that Topps is celebrating their 60th anniversary I received a card from the year that Topps was celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

1979 Topps #412 Hack Wilson/Hank Aaron
Here is a card going to the Braves PC.  Hack Wilson holds one of those records that has stood the test of time.  His record of 191 RBI in the 1930 season still stands after 80+ years.  Wilson drove in almost 20% of all of the Cubs runs that season.

2001 Topps Combos #TC2 Jones/Scmidt Power Corner
This is a sweet card for many reasons.  First, it is a Braves card for the PC and second, it is a very nicely designed card showing two premier third basemen in the midst of their powerful swings.

1978 Topps #206 Niekro/Ryan
I got the reprint of this card as an insert this year in 2011 Topps and I remember thinking how sweet it would be if I could have the original.  Well, wishes do come true.   This and the next card are the reasons I signed up for this contest.

1964 Topps #9 Home Run Leaders Aaron/McCovey/Mays/Cepeda
Wow!  Just look a the names on this card. Aaron. McCovey. Mays. Cepeda.  This is an amazing card.  I never knew the 1963 Giants had such a potent lineup.  Plus they had Felipe Alou, who wasn't a shabby hitter in his own right.  Sick, sick card.

Thank you Kevin!  You rock!

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  1. That 64 quad HOFer card is fantastic. I guess we'll see the top four HR leaders from 2012 on a similar looking Topps Heritage card in 2013?