December 04, 2011

2011 Panini Threads Box Break: Packs 13-18

Pack 13
Three cards of note in this pack.  Got a Greg Jennings insert, a Davone Bess for the PC, and the obligatory " crappy combine pic" rookie card.

Pack 14
Screw State Farm for making me think "Discount Double Check" every time I see Aaron Rodgers.

Pack 15
Sweet, another KWjr for the Canes PC with a great pic to boot.  The McNabb in the bottom right is a Silver Century parallel numbered to 250.

Pack 16
Another Silver parallel in this pack, this time it is Mercedes Lewis.

Pack 17
That McElroy rookie is the blurriest picture I have seen so far in this product.  It looks like a freeze frame from a TV broadcast.  I also got a Heritage Collection insert, the first I have seen so far.

Pack 18
 Now this is an excellent pack.  First I got a Matt Bosher rookie card.  He was the all-everything kicker/punter/best special teams tackler for the Canes throughout his college career.  Then I got a Brandon Marshall card for the Phins PC, and finally I got.......

......(you should know what's coming by now)......

...the third hit of the box!  At least I managed to get an auto this time.  Although Gabbert has struggled this year, he was one of the highly touted quarterbacks coming out of college.  The letterman auto is numbered out of /350.   With 2 of the hits and a Silver Century parallel of all Jaguars, this box is officially a Jacksonville Jaguars box.

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