November 07, 2011

Nacho Usual Questionnaire

Nachos Grande posted a questionnaire on his blog to get some feedback from readers about autographs.  I figured I would oblige his requests for some answers.

Here are the questions:

1.  What is the best autograph you own?
2.  What is the best autograph that you've ever pulled from a pack of cards?
3.  What is the worst autograph you've ever pulled from a pack of cards?
4.  Do you try to get autographs through the mail?  If so, what sort of success (or failure) stories do you have?
5.  Who was the subject of your first ever autograph?
6.  Do you actively collect any autographs (certain players, teams, brands, etc)?
7.  Which is better:  Autographs or Relics?
8.  What do you think of cut autos?
9.  What is your favorite autograph design (say in the last 5 years)?
10.  If you could get the autograph of any five people (dead or alive) who would you want a signature from (and why)?

And the answers:

1.  I would say that my 2006 Playoff Contenders Devin Hester Rookie Auto is the best autograph that I own.  If Hester continues to return kickoffs and punts for touchdowns, he should be in consideration for the Hall of Fame at the end of his career.  Plus he is a former Miami Hurricane.

2.  The best auto I ever pulled was a Ken Griffey Jr. auto from 2006 Ovation.

3.  I can't narrow this down to one.  I always have bad luck pulling auto's from boxes.

4.  No, I don't try to get autos through the mail.

5.  My first ever autograph card was signed by Mark Lemke in person in 1992.

6.  I do actively collect autos from my favorite teams.......when the price is right.

7.  Definitely autographs.

8.  I like the cut auto idea.  Just wish they would put pictures on some of the cards as well.

9.  Anything with on-card autos.  I don't mind sticker autos too much if they fit the card design but most of the time they make the card look trashy.  I wish all autos were on card so you would know that a star actually handled the card you received.

10.  Five people that I want a signature of:
  • Hank Aaron - The greatest Braves player of all-time but most of his autos are at a premium
  • Dan Marino - The greatest Dolphins player of all-time but most of his autos are at a premium
  • Edgar Allan Poe - My favorite writer of all-time
  • Thomas Edison - An amazing mind and a man who thought nothing was impossible
  • Abraham Lincoln - The president who had to handle the greatest turmoil to ever hit this country.

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