November 13, 2011

I Love the Thrill....

...of ripping packs.  Some collectors focus on buying singles solely for their personal collections and view pack ripping as a waste of time and money.

Not me.

I absolutely love opening packs and it is my favorite part of this hobby.  I win some and lose some but the chase is the real thrill.

Okay, enough of my gushing.  I'm rippin' some packs.

Today I picked up a value box of 2011 Topps Football.  The box contains 11 packs, 2 exclusive Chrome refractor cards, and 1 Super Bowl Legends code card.

First pack

#27 Phil Taylor RC
#38 Mike Tolbert
#132 Julius Thomas RC
#156 New Orleans Saints
#220 Michael Turner
#242 Jon Baldwin RC
#264 Shane Lechler
#268 DeSean Jackson
#380 Jamaal Charles All-Pro
#392 Clay Matthews All-Pro
#435 Matt Hasselbeck

Faces of the Franchise
#FF-SF Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley

Pack 2

#42 Philadelphia Eagles
#72 Jacquizz Rodgers RC
#97 Brandon Lafell
#98 Zach Miller
#104 Ndamukong Suh ROY
#190 Miles Austin
#216 Pittsburgh Steelers
#258 Randy Moss
#363 Donte Whitner
#402 Shane Vereen RC

Topps Town
#TT-23 Josh Freeman

Faces of the Franchise
#FF-NS Joe Namath and Mark Sanchez

The Bonus Cards

Exclusive Rookie Refractors

         #TMB1 Cam Newton                                               #TMB2 Blaine Gabbert

I entered the Super Bowl Legends code into the website and I got a digital jersey.  Bleh.  Topps should give away a card with every code even if they are just a lowly base card.  It was bad enough that the Diamond giveaway has the virtual rings but the Legends giveaway has virtual coins, rings, and jerseys.  So you have a better chance of getting virtual junk than actual cards. What a sham.

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