November 09, 2011

Box Break Pimpage

Kyle over at Juust a Bit Outside is hosting a group break.

He will be busting:

2011 Allen & Ginter Hobby box
2011 Lineage Hobby box
1991 Stadium Club Series 1 and 2 and Upper Deck jumbos
1991 1953 Archives
1981 Donruss

That's a lot of cards for only 15 bucks.  There are still a lot of teams available so head on over there and take a peek.


  1. Ok, not to look a gift-pimp in the mouth, but I will be opening Stadium Club 1 & 2 AND a box of UD jumbos and don't forget the 1991 '53 Archives box! Eight big boxes, boooyyeee!

  2. Lol, Sorry man. I'll add em to the post