November 26, 2011

Back in Town

Just got back home after a quick trip to Charleston to catch a Daniel Tosh stand up show.  I don't have a local card shop in my hometown so I took advantage of my trip by stopping by Hooked on Cards in Charleston to pick up a hobby box on my way home.  I picked up one hobby box of 2011 Panini Threads and a couple of hobby packs of 2011 Topps Gridiron Legends.  Plus, I was able to pick up some of those bonus Black Friday packs that Panini was nice enough to give out with their products.  I met the owner of the store, James, and he was a real nice person.  So if you happen to be in the Charleston area drop by his shop and see what he's got to offer.

I'll save hobby box for future posts but today I went ahead and ripped the Gridiron Legends packs as well as the bonus Black Friday packs.

First lets look at the two hobby packs of 2011 Topps Gridiron Legends:

Here are some of the notable non-rookie base cards I pulled from both packs.  Campbell was the only legend that I pulled.

These are the rookies from both packs with Locker being the obvious big name of the bunch.

Here are the two parallels I pulled.  These are the blue versions and they are not serial numbered.

Each pack contained one of these Gridiron Legacies inserts.

So I got unlucky with these two packs but I had fun ripping them.  Now onto the Black Friday packs:

Each of these little packs contained only two cards.  One card in each pack was a "base" card and these can be seen above.  That Sidney Crosby card is the first hockey card I have ever held in my hand in my whole life.

I guess these can be considered the "inserts" of the Black Friday packs.  That Josh Hamilton might be a preview to Panini's upcoming baseball release.   The Aldon Smith card is numbered to /999.  These packs were a great idea by Panini to give collectors a reason to visit their local card shops on the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

But, no cards for the personal collections from this rip so it deserves a:

Keep an eye out as I will be ripping into that hobby box of Panini Threads in the near future.


  1. Hope you enjoyed Tosh, I love his show. I got your cards in the mail today from the contest. Thanks, they're pretty awesome!

  2. Sweet. Glad to hear they arrived safely. Yeah, Tosh is one funny dude.