November 20, 2011

Back at it Again

Sorry for the delay in between posts but once again work got in the way of blogging by draining my motivation for posting.  But back to it and today I finished off ripping the 2011 Topps Football value box I picked up last week.  Here's the highlights (and the lowlights):

First the rookies:

I'm showing these off first because I want to state my disgust with them.  I really do not like these rookie cards at all and I do not understand Topps' thinking on these.  I don't want any rookies with pictures of them at the combine.  Football players need to be pictured in football gear not in workout gear.

Now this is how all of the rookie cards should look.  The players are decked out in the gear of the team that drafted them.  I think that Topps is trying to cram too many rookies in this set and they are having to resort to workout pictures in order fill those rookie spots.  Maybe Topps should run two series of their football set so they can avoid doing that.

Just a few of the inserts that you have all seen before and a gold parallel.

These are the 1950 Bowman inserts.  I really like these as everybody knows I have a soft spot for mini cards.  Vick is the only one not showing off his stiff arm technique.

Now these are some quality inserts.  I love the look of these cards and subtle team color tint of the background.  Kudos to Topps on this insert set.

And the most of important part of any pack ripping endeavor is getting cards for the personal collections.  I got 2 Dolphins and 3 Canes in this box although two of the cards are of the hated combine picture variety.  Reggie Wayne is looking somewhat angelic with the white aura on his card.

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