November 28, 2011

2011 Panini Threads Box Break: Packs 1-4

Oh yeah, time to delve into this hobby box of 2011 Panini Threads that I picked up on Black Friday.  The box contains 24 packs with 8 cards per pack and 4 relic or autograph cards on average per box.  Let's see how this baby plays out:

Pack #1

Holy horizontal, Batman! I didn't realize that all of these cards are of the horizontal persuasion. Personally, I think these are some really well designed cards. I like the full-bleed, sharp action photos and that fabric looking banner on the right. The team logos do look a little out of place in the upper left corner of the card but overall these are pretty sweet.  The Gridiron Kings insert on the bottom left of the scan is pretty cool as well.  It was printed to look like watercolors on a canvas.

My only real gripe so far is the rookie card of Baron Batch.  If your gonna show a rookie in his college uniform, make sure you have the license to show college logos as well.  Geez, it looks like he is in a practice uni.

Pack #2

Although the rookie in this pack has a studio photo on it, at least he is wearing an Eagles hat.  Plus I got my first Dolphins card of the box, sweet.

Pack #3

Oh no!  The dreaded combine rookie card rears it's ugly head.  Whoever thought these would be a good idea should be tarred and feathered in my opinion.

Pack #4

This pack is full of Charlie Sheen (or "win" for those of you living under a rock).  First, I find it kind of amusing that Terelle Pryor has a rookie card with no team.  Second, I got two cards for my Hurricanes collection in Santana Moss and Frank Gore. And thirdly.....

....I pulled the first hit of the box.  Just like the Gridiron Kings insert in the first pack, this one is made to look like it was printed on canvas although this one looks more like a photo than the Bo Scaife insert and this one is numbered 119/299.  I think the jersey color matches the color on that little panel on the left to well and doesn't stand out well enough.  Not the best hit to pull but there are 3 more hits to go in this box (hopefully).

I think I'm gonna add a new page to the blog chronicling the hits I pull from products from now going forward. 

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