October 27, 2011

Retro Box Break: 1996 Collector's Choice Football - Part 5: Enough is Enough

Okay, so I went ahead and opened all the rest of the packs in the box and will finish it off with this post.  I did this because it is hard for me to have unopened packs sitting around and also because I didn't feel like stretching the second half of this box out over 4 more posts.  Sometimes patience is not a virtue of mine.

 First the base cards:

In my opinion these are the best base cards from the second half of the box.  I love the card in the bottom left corner with the amazing photo of the late Steve McNair.

There were so many cards in this box that I am ruing getting them all sorted.

Moving on to the inserts:

 Four more Stick Um "cards".  Notice the spelling on the Brett Favre stickers.

Here are some more Crash the Game inserts.  Emmitt Smith and Chris Warren scored in their games while Edgar Bennett and Marshall Faulk came up empty.

Next up are the MVP Inserts:

Here are the MVP cards of the more recognizable players.  I got one of these inserts in every pack from this box.


One pack contained 2 MVP cards and the second one was this:

How about that!  A gold MVP parallel of the great John Elway.  These were inserted at a rate of 1 in every 36 packs so it not a huge surprise that I got one in a box with 40 packs but to pull a gold Elway is a pretty nice pull for this product.

It's now time for the best part of busting boxes (at least for me).  Cards for the PC's!!

Some more former Miami Hurricanes to add to my collection.  I was always torn about Jim Kelly.  I tend to root for Hurricane alumni to do well in the league but Kelly made a regular habit of playing really well against the Dolphins.

Speaking of which....

This box was really good to me with the Dolphins cards.  I never break boxes with good amounts of Dolphins cards but this box was a very nice surprise as I always seem to get boxes full of hated Jets players.

Comment Question for Contest Entries
What is the most recent championship any of your favorite sports teams has won? 

The last time one of my favorite teams won a championship was in 2006.  That year the Miami Heat won the NBA championship (albeit a fluky one).  The Braves have not won a title since 1995, the Hurricanes since 2001, and the Dolphins last title was in 1973.


  1. Toronto Blue Jays in 1993. I was young, so I don't really remember the victory. It just boosted my love for the team.

  2. 2 seasons ago the Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in about half a century. I'm still waiting for my true love, the Cubs to win one. "In Theo We Trust".

  3. Joe Carter hitting a walk off home run against Mitch Williams in the '93 series is the most recent for baseball. The Steelers have won a couple of championships in the past few years, but I haven't always rooted for them. Sadly, my Maple Leafs still have not won a championship in my lifetime...but I'm always hoping

  4. Anaheim Ducks, 2007. Good times. Good times.

  5. My Packers just won the super bowl and are well on their way to another one.

  6. Haven't been able to celebrate a championship, yet. Waiting on my Hokies!

  7. Cardinals: 2006, hopefully 2011 after tonight
    Rams: 2000
    Blues: Never

  8. dodgers - kirk gison, bulldog and the boys off the bench - 1988

    raiders - super bowl 84. last time we won we had a chicano QB and coach. nice. ;)

  9. My Astros have never won a championship... I'd say that the closest outside of them is the Rockets winning the NBA championship during Jordan's gambling exile...