October 25, 2011

Retro Box Break: 1996 Collector's Choice Football - Part 4: Halfway There

Nearing the halfway point of this box.

Pack 16
#11 Walt Harris RC
#30 Derrick Mayes RC
#77 Errict Rhett - Season to Remember
#109 Jeff George
#133 Darren Bennett
#168 Rob Moore
#205 Kevin Williams 
Kevin Williams is one of the lesser known Hurricane players to play in the NFL, probably because his primary position was that of a punt/kick returner.  He played for 4 teams in his 8-year career.

#235 Jay Novacek
#255 Joey Galloway
#270 Jim Harbaugh
#277 Thomas Lewis
#328 Greg Hill
#364 Sean Dawkins

MVP Insert
#M15 Rodney Thomas
Rodney Thomas burst on to the NFL scene as a rookie in 1995.  He rushed for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns during his rookie campaign.  However, he was replaced as starter by another rookie just a year later.  That rookie was Eddie George.

Pack 17
#1 Keyshawn Johnson RC

Although Keyshawn Johnson only played 2 years of Division I football, he made those years count.  He was a two-time All American selection at wide receiver for USC and he capped his college career with a 12 catch, 212 yard performance in the 1996 Rose Bowl.  He was the first player drafted in the 1996 NFL Draft.

#22 Leeland McElroy RC
#68 Rodney Hampton - Season to Remember
#108 Eric Swann
#134 J.J. Stokes
#159 Chester McGlockton
#194 Bryant Young
#244 Warren Moon
#266 Shannon Sharpe
#279 Pat Swilling
#337 Neil O'Donnell
#355 Chris Doleman

MVP Insert
#27 Cris Carter
In 1995, Cris Carter enjoyed one of the best seasons of his illustrious career.  He caught 122 passes for 1,371 yards and a league leading 17 touchdowns.  Carter was a finalist for induction to the Hall of Fame in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Crash the Game
#CG19 Keyshawn Johnson 11-10-1996

 Two Keyshawn's in one pack but unfortunately Keyshawn could not find the end zone on
November 10th 1996.

Pack 18
#9 Rickey Dudley RC
#32 Bobby Hoying RC
#79 Brian Mitchell - Season to Remember
#107 Heath Shuler
#135 Eugene Robinson
#170 Darick Holmes
#183 Dan Marino
It's always awesome to pick up a card of THE Miami Dolphin, Dan Marino.  Interesting picture on this card with two former Pitt Panthers, Marino and Curtis Martin.

#229 Terance Mathis
#234 Andre Rison
#274 Jake Reed
#275 Curtis Martin
#326 Sean Jones

MVP Insert
#M35 Ricky Watters
In his first season as a Philadelphia Eagle, Watters rushed for 1,273 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Always a great receiver out of the backfield, he also caught 62 balls for 434 yards.

Stick Ums
#S5 Anthony Smith
 I didn't remember this guy so I had to look him up.  What I found out was that Smith was a solid defensive end for the Raiders for 7 years.  But unfortunately I also found out that he was charged with murder earlier this year.  That's depressing.

Pack 19
#17 Pete Kendall RC
#42 Winslow Oliver RC
#70 Tim Brown - Season to Remember
#106 Errict Rhett
#136 Eric Curry
#161 Kordell Stewart
It's not very often that you see wide receiver/quarterback as a players position on a football card.  "Slash" was an exception to the rule.

#202 Rashaan Salaam
#240 Ray Buchanan
#253 Tony Martin
#264 Eric Zeier
#265 Darren Woodson
#335 Napoleon Kaufman
#366 Dale Carter

MVP Insert
#M43 Chris Warren
Until Shaun Alexander arrived in Seattle, Chris Warren was the most successful running back in Seahawk's history.  He finished the 1995 season with 1,346 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns.  He was also selected to his third and final Pro Bowl.

Pack 20
#3 Simeon Rice RC
Rice was the third overall selection of the 1996 NFL Draft.  He averaged 10 sacks a year during his 12 season stint in the NFL and finished with 122 career sacks, good for 13th all-time.

#20 Ray Lewis RC
Booyah!!  This is the one card I wanted the most from this set.  This becomes my first ever Ray Lewis rookie card in my collection.  Lewis is a sure-fire Hall of Famer and a true Miami Hurricane.

#66 Curtis Martin - Season to Remember
#110 Steve Tasker
#132 Toby Wright
#157 Mike Sherrard
#196 Horace Copeland
Horace Copeland was a staple of the Hurricanes receiving corps in the early 90's. 

#236 Terrell Davis
#246 Torrance Small
#268 Edgar Bennett
#281 Norm Johnson
#323 Leroy Hoard

MVP Insert
#M38 Isaac Bruce
After playing sparingly during his rookie season in 1994, Bruce exploded onto the NFL scene in 1995.  He caught 119 passes for 1,781 yards and 13 touchdowns.  That season ranks as the second best receiving season in NFL history.  Bruce finished his career 3rd all-time in receiving yards.

Stick Ums
#S4 Drew Bledsoe
It seems a lot of football fans out there forget how good Drew Bledsoe was in the NFL.  He had three seasons in which he passed for over 4,000 yards and he finished his career 8th for all-time passing yards yet you rarely hear his named mentioned.  Don't forget that if Drew Bledsoe didn't get injured in 2001, then Tom Brady would have stayed on the bench that season.

Comment Question for Contest Entries
Where were you 15 years ago? (October 1996)

I was just 2 months into my senior year of high school. Wearing baggy jeans and driving my parents mad with my loud music.  Geez, does time fly or what?


  1. I was 7 in 1996, so elementary school. Good times.

  2. good question. cant remember a darn thing - so it must have been a good party

  3. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

  4. I was sad that the Winnipeg Jets were leaving town. 15 years later they are back in the city with the same NHL name!

  5. 15 years ago I was dealing cards for a living...seems like a long time gone

  6. My first senior year of college. Good times.

  7. Junior year of high school... probably getting my @$$ kicked somewhere, I was a nerd, and 100 pounds soaking wet... it wasn't fun. Haha!