October 20, 2011

Retro Box Break: 1996 Collector's Choice Football - Part 2

New post, new song from '96

Pack 6
#13 John Mobley RC
#28 Bobby Engram RC
#71 Ricky Watters - Season to Remember
#111 Sam Mills
#131 Carnell Lake
#166 Jackie Harris
#207 Johnnie Morton
#237 David Sloan
#257 Ken Harvey
#272 Derrick Thomas
Arguably the greatest pass rushing linebacker of all time.  Derrick passed away in early 2000 because of complications from injuries sustained in a car accident.

#283 Chris Mims
#332 Chris Jim Everett
#359 David Dunn

MVP Insert
#M30 Jim Everett
1995 was Jim Everett's last hurrah.  As a 32 year old QB, he threw for 3,970 yards and 26 touchdowns.  Jim retired from football in 1997.

Pack 7
#23 Lawyer Milloy RC
#43 Mercury Hayes RC
#75 Joey Galloway
#115 Emmitt Smith
First time I have seen a picture like this on a football card.

#127 Rodney Hampton
#162 Kevin Carter
#191 Kevin Greene
#221 Greg Lloyd
#250 Rodney Peete
#275 Curtis Martin
#279 Pat Swilling
#334 Charles Wilson
#372 Dana Stubblefield

MVP Insert
#M16 Barry Sanders
To this day, I still consider Barry Sanders the best running back I have ever seen in the NFL.  Barry rushed for 1500 yards in 1995 which is below his yearly career average of 1,527 yds/year.

Pack 8
#34 Danny Kanell RC
#35 Chris Darkins RC
#84 Jeff Blake
#114 Vinny Testaverde
Sweet, another Testaverde for the Canes collection

#128 Adrian Murrell
#173 Harold Green
#180 Ken Dilger
#212 Steve Bono
#259 Morten Anderson
#270 Jim Harbaugh
#277 Thomas Lewis
#319 Merton Hanks
#361 Sherman Williams

MVP Insert
#M6 Erik Kramer
Erik Kramer finally seemed to put it all together in 1995 while passing for 3,838 yards with 29 touchdowns in his best season as a pro. 

Pack 9
#26 Je'rod Cherry RC
#45 Steve Taneyhill RC
#73 Andre Coleman - Season to Remember
#113 Carl Pickens
#129 Daryl Hobbs RC
#164 Derek Loville
#189 Harvey Williams
#223 Stan Humphries
#268 Edgar Bennett
#281 Norm Johnson
#330 Amp Lee

MVP Insert
#M32 Adrian Murrell
1995 was a year that showed what Murrell was capable of as a running back as he tallied 795 rushing yards and 465 receiving yards.  Starting the next season, Murrell rolled off 3 consecutive 1000 yard rushing seasons.

Crash the Game
#CG18 Tim Brown
Unfortunately, Tim did not crash the game on October 21st, 1996.  He recorded 5 catches for 68 yards but was kept out of the endzone as the Raiders beat the Chargers 23-14.

Stick Ums
#S3 Errict Rhett
In 1995, Rhett looked poised to become an elite NFL running back after posting 1000 yards rushing in both of his first two years in the league.  However, Rhett could not maintain that success throughout his career.

Pack 10
#5 Cedric Jones RC
#36 Charlie Jones RC
#82 Brett Maxie
#112 Jeff Graham
#130 Ricky Watters
#155 Jimmy Hitchcock RC
#198 Jamir Miller
#238 Reggie White
Reggie White is about to put a hurtin' on Trent Dilfer

#248 Mo Lewis
#272 Derrick Thomas
#282 Chris Mims
#321 Willie Green
#370 Mike Mamula

MVP Insert
#M40 Junior Seau
 Junior Seau is the prime example of NFL longevity.  Seau played 20 seasons in the NFL and was elected to the Pro Bowl 12 times.

Comment Question for Contest Entries
Approximately how many cards do you have "laying around"?

I have about 3500 baseball cards and about 2000 football cards stored in boxes.  That does not include my personal collections which are only around 1000 cards and growing.


  1. I'd estimate a couple hundred waiting to be traded.

  2. I'm assuming you mean how many are basically not in their final destination box/binder/trader. That's probably a few hundred, though earlier in the year I bet it was near 1000 as I had completely slacked off on sorting my collection.

  3. I've got about 2000 sitting in a box for my group break right now, 100-200 for trades, about 1000 for semicomplete sets that I haven't organized.

  4. That question is too ambiguious. Do you mean laying around as in my collection or do the cards just taking up space like a trading card flop house? I'm going to have to go and say 10,000+ is a very conservative estimate. Of those only a few hundred are really worth anything.

  5. I meant the amount of total cards in your possession which includes personal collections and all the other cards just taking up space.

    Sorry everyone if the question was confusing.

  6. Very rough estimate-- gotta be at least 50,000. "Can't Have Too Many Cards"

  7. I'm on the low end and have about 3,500 cards lying around in either boxes or binders. My PC only has about 350-400 of those.

  8. I've probably got about 500 or so in various stack in various stages of being traded/sorted/bindered.