October 19, 2011

Retro Box Break: 1996 Collector's Choice Football - Part 1

Sorry for the delay in between posts, I got a little too busy over the weekend to make a post.  I know everyone is wanting more contest entries.

So today I will will start a series of posts on a retro box break.

The product:

1996 Collector's Choice Football

There are 40 packs crammed into this box with 14 cards per pack.  Notable rookies in this product include Marvin Harrison, Teddy Bruschi, Eddie George, and Ray Lewis.  I will rip 5 packs per post, but before the ripping commences, we need some Mid-90's music to kick start the memories.

Pack 1
#29 Jason Dunn RC
#37 Teddy Bruschi RC
Bruschi tallied 52 sacks in his college career.

#56 Herman Moore - Season to Remember 
Herman Moore caught 123 passes in 2005, setting an NFL record.  That record was smashed in 2002 when Marvin Harrison snagged 143 passes.

#120 Floyd Turner
#122 Kimble Anders
#167 Michael Westbrook
#206 Glyn Milburn
#216 Michael Haynes
#228 Garrison Hearst
#271 Desmond Howard
#278 Hugh Douglas
#362 Chris Spielman
#373 Terrance Shaw

MVP Insert
#M12 Emmitt Smith 
1995 was Emmitt's best season of his career.  He rushed for 1773 yards and scored 25 touchdowns.

Pack 2
#29 Jason Dunn RC (again)
#39 Donnie Edwards RC
#47 Bryce Paup - Season to Remember
#119 Blaine Bishop
#123 Bryan Cox
Although it is clearly noted that Bryan was "SIGNED BY BEARS", he is still in his Dolphins uni and is now a part of my Phins collection.

#158 Boomer Esiason
#195 Rick Mirer
#225 Robert Blackmon
#263 Tony McGee
#267 Brett Perriman
#280 Willaim Thomas
#338 Sean Gilbert

MVP Insert
#M2 Jeff George
George threw for a career high 4,143 yards in 1995.

Stick Ums
#S1 Dan Marino
 Marino stickas = Awesome!!!!

Pack 3
#31 Stepfret Williams RC
#39 Donnie Edwards RC (again)
#58 Rodney Thomas - Season to Remember
#118 Leroy Butler
#124 Qadry Ismail
#169 Jesse Tuggle
#204 Michael Jackson
#214 David Palmer
#265 Darren Woodson
#269 Darryll Lewis
#327 Roosevelt Potts
#373 Terrance Shaw

MVP Insert
#M10 Vinny Testaverde 
 As much as I love Vinny being a former Cane and all, he did not deserve a MVP card in this set.  Vinny's 1995 season was mediocre and he was part of a pretty bad Browns squad.

Crash the Game Insert
#CG17 Isaac Bruce
These cards could be mailed in for an exclusive card if the depicted player scored a touchdown on the date printed on the card.  In case you are wondering, Isaac did score on November 10th, 1996.  Against the Falcons, he caught a 22-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tony Banks.

Pack 4
#31 Stepfret Williams RC (Again.  Hmmm, I see a pattern forming)
#41 Stephen Davis RC
I find it ironic that in '96 Upper Deck did not have the license to show college logos.  Now that is all they can show.

#49 Rashaan Salaam - Season to Remember
#117 Henry Thomas
#125 Ted Johnson RC
This picture had to be a running joke at the Upper Deck office.

#160 Bobby Taylor
#193 Andre Coleman
#219 Terry McDaniel
#252 Chris Miller
#264 Eric Zeier
#276 Eric Allen
#336 Fred Barnett
#363 Craig Newsome

MVP Insert
#M18 Edgar Bennett
Bennett enjoyed the best season of his short career in 1995.  He rushed for 1,067 yards and caught 61 passes for another 648 yards. 

Pack 5
#33 Karim Abdul-Jabbar RC (remember this is a football break)
#41 Stephen Davis RC (definitely a pattern to these rookies)
#60 Mark Brunell - Season to Remember
#116 John Elway
 The Hall of Fame QB and current Broncos vice president sporting the old school jersey

#126 Wesley Walls
#171 Tim McKyer
#182 Marcus Allen (another Hall of Famer)
#210 Ellis Johnson
#261 Mark Carrier WR
#266 Shannon Sharpe
Sweet, a third Hall of Famer in this pack

#274 Jake Reed
#325 Jason Hanson

MVP Insert
#M8 Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake was a bright spot for an otherwise forgettable Bengals team in 1995.  He threw for 3,822 yards and tossed 28 touchdown passes

Stick Ums
#S2 Mike Mamula
Mamula is the poster child for NFL draft hype created by combine workouts.  He posted eye popping numbers during combine workouts and also scored 49 out 50 on the Wonderlic test.  His pre-draft accolades boosted him into the first round of the draft.  However, Mamula's NFL career never matched the hype and he was out of the NFL due to injuries after only 5 seasons.

Comment Question for Contest Entries
Which sports do you like to collect?  Baseball only?  Multiple Sports?  Do you collect non-sports cards as well?

As most of you may know, I'm a football and baseball card collector.  The only non-sports cards that I enjoy collecting are Allen & Ginter inserts.  While I do enjoy hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, boxing, and MMA from time to time, I really don't have an urge to delve into collecting those sports.


  1. I collect pretty much only baseball and hockey right now. I've never had an interest in non-sports cards, I guess because there weren't any sets that interested me.

  2. When I was in middle school, it was almost all basketball cards. Now I'm pretty much only baseball.

  3. I was baseball early, with a hint of football. Then, I hit a stride of basketball like the Lost Collector in middle school. Now its 90% baseball with 10% football so I can pick up some hokies.

  4. I always come back to baseball as the primary collection, but I love basketball cards too, football are somewhat important and I even have a couple of hockey.

  5. Football and Baseball for this kid. Plus a smattering of garbage Pail Kids.

  6. Baseball is my favorite sport and the primary basis of my collection, as my three main PCs are all baseball players.

    However, I also love hockey and collect it fairly heavily, and collect cards of my favorite players and teams in all four of the major sports.

    I don't collect non-sports, but I do have one poker auto, and would like to have a few more of my favorite poker players if the price was right.

    Also, I'm a sucker for old tobacco cards, particularly those that depict something war-related.

  7. I noticed two huge Bears busts in your cards, Bryan Cox and Rashaan Salaam.

    I mainly collect baseball cards but in my younger days I collected football, hockey and basketball -- back when there were just one set each of Topps. I did love the 2008-09 UD hockey set. I dabble in non-sports cards from time to time, like the UD History of the United States or American Heritage. I have a set of bowling cards. Does that count as non-sports? Like Greg I also like old tobacco cards fro me it's the variety from flowers to bridges to movie stars.

  8. Just Hockey sir!
    Affordable, and amazing products in the hockey world.

  9. I stick to baseball but my wife collects celebrity/Hollywood sets as well. I stick to baseball simply for financial reasons, I can only afford one vice... haha..

  10. I really only purchase baseball, but I've entered some contests and made some trades for hockey, and I'd be open to it for my favorite football players too.

  11. My collection is 85% Baseball, 10% Football, 3% stuff like A&G or Goodwin and 2% other sports like basketball/hockey. I just have more of a connection to baseball players and their cards interest me more. I won't turn down Texans cards but I don't go actively seeking them like I do Astros or other PC baseball guys.