October 13, 2011

Free Cards!! Well....Sorta

What's better than free?

No that's not the comment question of the post because everyone knows the answer to that question. Anyways, here are some cards (and some facts) I picked up for free (sorta) on Listia:

1984 Topps #127 Reggie Roby RC
Roby also played baseball in high school and was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds but instead went the football route and became a record setting punter.

1992 Fleer #700 Teamwork Mark Wohlers, Kent Mercker, Alejandro Pena
These three combined to no-hit the Padres on September 11th, 1991.

1996 Score #180 Mike Kelly
Baseball America voted Mike Kelly as the collegiate player of the year in 1990.  Unfortunately, Mike's MLB career lacked such accolades.

1996 Score Dugout Collection #A78 Mark Lemke
Mark holds the record for consecutive plate appears without being beaned by a pitch (3,664).  He looks like he ate something sour in this photo.

2002 Press Pass JE Old School #OS10 Jeremy Shockey
Shockey led the 2001 Hurricanes in receptions and receiving yards.

2006 Bowman #161 Devin Hester RC
Hester set the NFL record for career punt return touchdowns this year when he recorded his 11th.

2007 Upper Deck #286 Greg Olsen RC
Olsen's Reception for Research foundation in the main sponsor for the Kicks for a Cure Kickball Tournament, the largest charity kickball tournament in the world, which raises money for cancer research.

2008 Upper Deck Icons #84 Frank Gore
Gore holds the 49ers single season rushing record with 1,695 yards in 2006.

2008 Upper Deck Icons #100 Clinton Portis
Portis is the 4th all-time leading rusher in Miami Hurricanes history.

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini #6 Chipper Jones
Chipper is the only switch hitter in MLB history with more than 400 home runs and a career .300 batting average.

In case you were wondering what Listia is all about, I will give you a little info.  Listia is an auction site that uses a point system instead of currency.   You start off with some free points to spend but you can earn more points by posting your own auctions.  You can find lots of stuff on Listia such as movies, games, clothing, coins, electronics and of course sports cards.  Since I've been a member I have noticed that more and more cards are making their way onto the site.  If you are interested you can check it out here and sign up to give me some free points (wink, wink).

Comment Question for Contest Entries
If you had to get rid of all your cards except for one, what card would you keep?

This is a very tough question to answer.  I would probably keep my 1990 autographed Mark Lemke card.  It is the only card in my collection that was autographed in person and it is a constant reminder to me of what collecting was like as a youngster. 



  1. Monetary value aside, mine is similar to yours. It's my signed Ron Santo 1961 Topps rookie card. It was TTM but way back in 1975.

  2. My 1978 Topps Nolan Ryan autographed card. Prize of my collection at the moment...

  3. My gut reaction was my Ozzie Smith rookie, but you made a good point. I might have to keep the 1996 I had him autograph instead.

  4. My 1950 Bowman PSA 3 Roy Campanella. Some of my Kemps and Kershaws are really really close though.

  5. my '61 topps 'dodger southpaws' featuring johhny podres and sandy koufax. 2 dodger legends and seems like a passing of the torch from the 50's to the 60's.
    just like some of you guys catch, it was a lucky find at a low price.

  6. I have a TTM signed card of Tino Martinez from 1998. It trumps every card in my collection.

  7. My personally autographed card of Joe Sakic...the only one I have, I would be hard pressed to pitch it if I had to

  8. 1989 Donruss Griffey RC. It's the card that got me into collecting.

  9. My autographed Nolan Ryan card. It's the highlight of my collection by far, though it's not quite the most valuable.

  10. Mario Lemiuex Pinnacle B 1990-91. This was my first card valued at $100 at one point. I was a big fan, and love the look of the card.

  11. 1964 Topps Pete Rose. I wanted that card for a long time before I got one.