October 11, 2011

Flea Market Treasure Hunt: Finishing Strong

After going through most of the cards in the box by set, all that was left was a stack of mixed singles.  Here are some of the better pulls for your viewing pleasure:

First off are some Manny inserts.  That Hardball Heroes card scans very well.

Next up are a couple of Nolan Ryan cards.  Gotta love the pic of the strikeout king tipping his hat to the crowd on the Stadium Club card.

Here we have some very young pictures of guys who are now retired after many years in baseball.  Geez they look like they just got out of high school in these pictures.

How about a Jeter rookie in the box.  Pretty nice pull even though there is some wear on the edges.

There was quite a few Griffey Jr. cards in the box.  Absoultely amazing picture on the card in the top right.

And finally, no sad panda here because we got some Braves:

I hope you all enjoyed the journey through this flea market box as much as I did.  I hope to do it again in the future.

Comment Question for Contest Entries
How do you like to buy cards?  Do you buy retail or hobby boxes?  Do you buy at card shops, shows, or retail outlets?  Do you buy singles on Ebay or Checkoutmycards.com?

I usually only buy maybe 3-4 hobby boxes a year.  The rest of the time, if I have the itch to rip some packs, I will buy blasters or rack packs from Walmart.  I will buy off of Ebay whenever there is a nice single I'd like to pick up at the right price.  I don't have a lot of money to spend on the hobby so it's mostly bargain shopping for me.


  1. When I got back into collecting I started with Ebay. I've bought way too many cards at Target and KMart. I know a lot of people are down on it but I do like COMC. This summer I got some nice repacks at a garage sale (yes, I'm still going to post more).

  2. we have a local weekly card show. i drop by about once a month, and fight the urge the other weekends.

  3. I'm a singles guy, buying maybe a box or two a year (Ginter, cheap minor league products with tons of hits).

    My main outlets are my wonderful LCS and eBay. I've yet to try out COMC, though I know I need to.

  4. Usually retail from either Wal-Mart or Card shops for lower-end cards. For high-end stuff I enter some box breaks for the chance at some dandys.

  5. When I buy packs, it's usually from Target. It's closer than my LCS and much cheaper. I don't need to pay extra for a very slim chance I might pull a Sandy Koufax autograph (however nice that may be). I try not to buy too many packs, though, and usually get my singles and sets from eBay and local card shows, which have become much better over the past year. I have a COMC account and buy a few cards now and then, and I'll probably buy good bit in the next month since they're doing some kind of a shipping offer. I use Sportlots, too. Very handy for base sets. And while I rarely buy boxes, I enjoy buying into group breaks, especially of the newest stuff.

  6. I am a mixture of all those types. I buy a couple of hobby boxes a year. Usually wait a few months to see if I like the set before buying a box. I will sometimes pick up a pack or blaster at Walmart/Target if I can't resist the rush lol. Mostly though I trade on blogs and forums or buy singles on eBay. My card shop has some great bargains for common cards so I can sometimes pick up around 50 common/parallels for around $5.

  7. Singles I usually buy on ebay, but that is only once in a while. I will buy at both retail stores and card shops. Have only started finding card shows in my area so haven't bought a great deal there (up until the last month). Boxes I will buy most retail blasters, but once in a while I'll splurge on a hobby box.

  8. Totally bargain shopping for me. I get most of the stuff in dime and quarter boxes at a monthly show. The Bay gets a little of my money when there is something specific I want. No packs, sad to say. I really have a need to get something I want every time I spend money, and packs don't always do that for me.

  9. d) All of the Above. I like the exclusives at Target and Wally world so I pick up a few packs there but I try to support my local LCS's as much as possible, they're both great. We have some lame card shows here and I try to look stuff over. I also really like JustCommons.com for picking up cards off my need list for cheap, and if you spend 10 bucks shipping is free. I like the selection eBay and COMC's offer's but shipping gets to be a killer.

  10. I tend to stick to boxes, blaster or packs. For some reason, I just find it hard to buy singles... just doesn't provide the same thrill as opening packs. I buy a mix of retail and hobby. Rarely, I'll fill out a needs list my picking up cards off ebay or comc.com.