October 08, 2011

Busting a Blaster: 2011 Topps Lineage - The Finale

Finishing off the blaster box with a hit.

Pack 6

#12 Elvis Andrus
#24 Tsuyoshi Nishioka 
#38 Chris Carpenter 
#125 Mark Teixeira
#131 Carlos Lee
#141 Ozzie Smith 


 Cracker Jack Stand-Up Prize
#TS4 Felix Hernandez

Double Rainbow Refractor
#60 Reggie Jackson

Pack 7

#23 Carlos Zambrano
#47 Lance Berkman
#50 Louis Gehrig
#58 Gordon Beckham
#93 Roy Oswalt
#181 Frank Thomas
#197 Andre Dawson

Minis Rock
#104 Miguel Montero

And finally.....

The Hermetically Sealed Mini with Fabric
 #SC Starlin Castro 

Comment Question for Contest Entries
Do you like game-used relic cards?  

I really don't care for game used cards but still collect them just because I obsessively want to collect any card of my favorite teams.  I just wish there was more information about the actual relic in the card such as which game the player actually wore the jersey or used the bat.


  1. I consider them just to be another cool insert. I don't hold them on a special pedestal or anything. I like cards that are designed well. Whether they have a jersey piece or not doesn't matter to me.

  2. Many mixed feelings. An autograph is an autograph. But what is a relic anyway? I mean you wouldn't want just an "a" from Nolan Ryan's signature would you? Yet we accept a minute peace of a bat or jersey or even pants with usually almost nothing known about it as if it's worth something. That being said I have about 40 Ron Santo relics and over 200 others and on a gut level I just think they're cool. I do draw a distinction between older relics from retired players and those virtually unlimited ones from active guys.

  3. I likes em! But it takes either a dead/retired player (harder to find, a little) or a really nice looking one to make me go ooooohh.

  4. Yes i like them and wish the card companies could go back and make some memorabilia cards out of the pre-1990s superstars.

  5. i like em as well - but design is always important. one thing i dont like is those 'titanic' threads. at some point it just looks like a square piece of rag.

  6. I do like them. However I get a bit tired of plain colored jerseys. Every team has alternate color jerseys, wouldn't be too tough to get some varied colors...

  7. I think I'm saying more of the same everyone else said - I like them, but seeing white swatches gets monotonous. That is, of course, unless I pull someone really awesome. I wish Topps would get more unique items like shoes, batting gloves, hats, etc.

  8. I've always liked them, but like anything else, they've kind of lost the luster from when they first came out. Still it is cool to have something that came off of the back of an actual major leaguer (for the most part anyhow)

  9. I like them enough to be willing to buy the extra-thick toploader to protect them. I pulled a Duke Snider from Lineage this year. I won't usually go buy one, but it's a neat card to pull.