October 05, 2011

Busting a Blaster: 2011 Topps Lineage - Packs 3, 4, and 5

Moving on through the the meaty part of the blaster box:

Pack 3

#7 Mickey Mantle 
#16 Walter Johnson
#25 Whitey Ford 
#104 Miguel Montero
#123 Andre Ethier 
#134 John Danks
#146 Freddie Freeman RC

Trippy 3D
#T3D25 Albert Pujols 

Pack 4

#34 Kyle Drabek RC
#48 Carlton Fisk
#52 Andre Dawson
#99 Honus Wagner 
#154 Fergie Jenkins
#168 Delmon Young
#182 Frank Robinson

Double Rainbow Refractor
#142 Dan Haren


Pack 5

#2 Derek Jeter
#19 Larry Walker
#26 Grady Sizemore
#109 Matt Latos
#117 Torii Hunter
#138 Prince Fielder 
#167 Corey Hart

Band-Aid Sticker
#TCS43 Adrian Gonzalez

Comment Question for Contest Entries
Name an obscure sports personality that you remember from your childhood and why do you remember him/her?

I just realized that I have not been answering my own questions so I will start with this one.  

I always remembered Jim Jensen from my childhood days.  Although he was mainly a special teams player, he was a true "Swiss Army Knife" on the field.  I remember the Dolphins used to line him up wideout, fullback, tight end, running back, and sometimes even on defense.  Pretty good for a guy who was a QB in college.


  1. I'll say Denis DeJordy. He's the first BlackHawks goalie I remember. I think I liked his name. Still do. He basically lost his job to Tony Esposito and got traded to the LA Kings.

  2. For me it's Max McGee, Hall of Fame reciever for the Green Bay packers, he use to be the announcer for the Green Bay Packers radio network and in college we would turn the volume on the TV down and turn the radio on and listen to the play by play with him and his co-host and listen to them get drunk during the game. You could hear the clinking of the bottle in the background.

  3. I gotta go with Bubby Brister, just because we used to call him bloody blister.

  4. I always will remember Dunc Wilson, a goalie for the Maple Leafs. The reason he sticks with me is that Dunc isn't a very common first name.

  5. Johnny "Lam" Jones, receiver for the Jets. I couldn't tell you much about him except he grew up in a small Texas town called Lampasas and it was close to where I grew up. We thought it was cool to get his Topps cards.

  6. I'd have to say Andy Stankiewicz. Come on, how does that name not stick with you? Stanky...

  7. Mine would have to be Mario Elie who played for the Rockets during their back-to-back championships. I loved the Rockets back then (I was 9-10). He was one of my favorites that wasn't named Hakeem or Clyde. I remember his intensity in every game.

  8. Dave Manson of the Winnipeg Jets. This defenseman had the raspiest voice I have ever heard. Quite the tuffguy as well.

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  10. sticking with the hockey theme, i gotta go tiger williams from the LA kings. not the black uniformed post-gretzky kings, the purple and gold always-last-place kings.
    we were always the doormats of hockey, but tiger was our take-no-prisoners enforcer. held the record for most penalty box time ever. he would drop the gloves and duke it out with anybody, anytime.
    ahh...old time hockey....

  11. I'm a bit late. Ouch. But I didn't follow sports until I was around 10 or 11, and then it was baseball only. I was so late to the game that I didn't really learn about anyone obscure. I had an interest in Olympic gymnastics since 1992, with the great team there. But even then I never learned names (Kim Zmeskal is the only one I can think of, and Dominique Dawes). But they aren't really obscure, either, or weren't then.